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Calling all May 2008 Brides

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#11 StephanieMN

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    Posted 30 December 2007 - 01:31 PM

    I think the holidays put us all out of whack with reality of planning a wedding.

    #12 michelle08

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      Posted 30 December 2007 - 01:44 PM

      It seems that we are all on the same track for the most part...I'm sure these little details just al come together during these last few months...I'm still freaking though! :)

      #13 Helen_S81

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        Posted 30 December 2007 - 01:55 PM

        Trips booked and confirmation numbers received - need to be paid by March 10
        Wedding booked and confirmation number received
        Brides dress - ordered and in store - fitting booked for early February
        Bridesmaid dresses - ordered
        Mother of bride dress - in my closet - needs minor alterations
        Father of bride - got his tie - need to get other attire
        OOT bags- need to be done - waiting for monogram from daughter then I will order mugs, pens, candles etc.
        Groomsmen attire - needs to be done
        Rings - needs to be done

        #14 michelle08

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          Posted 30 December 2007 - 01:57 PM

          Here is what I found...

          6 Months to a Year Before Your Destination Wedding

          __x_ Decide on a wedding budget
          _x__ Find your wedding style
          _x__ Announce your engagement
          __x_ Choose a wedding date
          __x_ Choose a wedding location
          __x_ Research the location, including using online resources, renting books from the library, purchasing books, talking to the local tourist bureau, and talking to friends and family who have been there. Ask resorts for "package deal information", special honeymoon/destination wedding offers, and other informative literature.
          _x__ Look into marriage license requirements, and confirm them with the local tourist board
          __x_ Find a local wedding coordinator – resorts often have someone on staff or you may be able to find someone through the tourist bureau.
          _x__ Put together a wedding guest list
          __x_ Send "Save the Date" cards
          _x__ Follow up with guests by phone to get a general head count
          ___ If you want a traditional wedding dress, find it now
          __x_ Start considering the groom's attire
          _x__ Start considering the wedding party's attire
          _x__ Obtain necessary legal documents, including, if necessary, passports, divorce certificates, visas, identification, birth certificates, notarized declarations of never having been married.
          _?__ Consider your Bridal Beauty

          4 to 6 Months Before Your Destination Wedding

          _x__ Work with your wedding coordinator to find a wedding florist, musicians, wedding photographer and wedding officiant. You may also want to find a hairstylist, makeup artist, and/or nail salon.
          _x__ Decide on your wedding menu
          ___ Finalize wedding ceremony and reception details, arrange for signed contracts to be sent to you.
          ___ Order wedding invitations
          ___ Register for wedding gifts
          ___ Buy wedding rings. Consider having your wedding rings engraved.
          _x__ Buy your plane tickets
          _x__ Negotiate discounts with airlines and hotels
          _x__ Create and distribute a wedding website or newsletter to share travel and wedding information
          ___ Finalize the groom's attire
          ___ Write and order your wedding invitations

          2 to 4 Months Before Your Destination Wedding
          ___ Mail your wedding invitations
          ___ Begin choosing or writing your wedding vows
          ___ Shop for shoes and other accessories
          ___ Make sure all of the wedding party and other essential people have made their travel arrangements
          ___ Finalize the bridal party attire

          1 to 2 Months Before Your Destination Wedding

          ___ Order wedding favors and gifts
          ___ Have your final dress fitting
          ___ Shop for vacation wear, including swimsuit(s), a rehearsal dinner outfit, sun protection

          2 Weeks Before Your Destination Wedding

          ___ Confirm all details with hotel, chef or caterer, florist, photographer, officiant, musicians and/or DJ, and others involved in the wedding
          ___ Arrange guest seating, if necessary
          ___ Assemble favors and/or welcome bags

          Upon Arrival

          ___ Apply for a marriage license
          ___ Meet with your wedding coordinator
          ___ Meet with your officiant
          ___ Visit the ceremony site
          ___ Distribute welcome bags to guests' rooms
          ___ Go over last minute details
          ___ Relax! (Yeah right!!! )

          Your Wedding Day
          ___ Do your best to relax, enjoy yourselves, focus on each other, and have fun with your friends and family.

          I guess I'm not too far behind schedule...mostly my dress! :0

          #15 boscobel

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            Posted 31 December 2007 - 01:28 AM

            OMG, you all are freaking me out. Ok, I can't even read thru the lists cuz all my wedding info is on my work computer and I am scared to read and see all that I haven't done. But this is the month were I get serious! Going to go have a glass of wine or somethng to calm my racing heart!!!!!!!

            #16 michelle08

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              Posted 31 December 2007 - 02:37 AM

              :) Sorry Carly!! :)

              We will all help each other out! :)

              #17 CourtneyV

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                Posted 31 December 2007 - 03:39 AM

                Well, the good news is that it looks like we're all on the same pages... the bad news is we're all freaking out a little!!

                I just visited my uncle this weekend (who is my officiant) and he was asking me all kinds of details I had NO idea about. Is it sad that I don't know what my province requires for my marriage to be legal on May 9th?? Ya, research project numero uno for tomorrow!!

                Anyways, here is where I'm at:

                Things I've checked off the list:

                * All guests have booked
                * BMs dressed have been ordered
                * Bought my wedding dress
                * Booked and confirmed resort/ceremony/reception/welcome dinner and honeymoon
                * Booked flights
                * Booked Hair/Makeup
                * Hired photographer
                * Finalized menu

                Things In Progress

                * I'm slowly adding songs to my playlists for the reception and welcome dinner
                * Actually considering an AHR...
                * BD pictures done for Aaron's gift, I've created the album it just needs finishing touches

                Things that are desperately awaiting the checkmark

                * Order all OOT bags and fillers
                * Purchase groomswear
                * Research some possible excursions
                * Purchase wedding bands
                * The dreaded seating chart
                * Figure out centerpieces
                * Get bm's gifts
                * Decide on bouqets
                * OOT bag welcome letter
                * Info doutang to send to guests ahead of time
                * Write Vows (yowza!)
                * Create luggage tags for OOT bags
                * Make programs (not sure if I'm doing this or not)
                * Figure out what I need to do to be legally married in my province!
                * Purchase cake topper (not sure if I want/need this)
                * Create welcome dinner slideshow
                * Purchase wedding day accessories
                * Find welcome dinner dress
                * Make guestbook (as inspired by Nicole's polaroid guestbook!)

                I feel like I've done more, but I can't think of anything else. Lately I've done a lot of honeymoon stuff. I still can't believe how quickly this wedding is sneaking up on me! My goal is to have everything completed by March, so that April is left to tie up the loose ends. We'll see how well that goes!
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                #18 melglnh2o

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                  Posted 31 December 2007 - 12:06 PM

                  Well you are all ahead of me. I haven't even booked my room at the resort. :) I do have my wedding dress, flights booked, bridesmaid dress ordered and church booked. Hence I have a lot to do! But I work best under pressure and things just always seem to work themselves out. I am going back down to Cancun for a second site visit in less than two weeks. Hopefully after that trip I won't be so far behind. I hope to book the photographer, DJ/musicians, florist, etc.

                  I think I was just waiting to get past the holidays before I really buckled down!! That darn ticker always has a way of reminding me though that I am running out of time.

                  #19 IrieBride08

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                    Posted 31 December 2007 - 12:21 PM

                    OMG!! I am very far behind right now, but plan to do some serious catching up!

                    * Bought dress
                    * Confirmed reservations for resort & flights (for us and guests)
                    * Deposits for flowers and reception (Evitas Restaurant)
                    * Reception menu selected

                    In Progress:
                    * Accepting RSVPs and Payments from guests
                    * Invites
                    * OOT bags & favors

                    To do:
                    * BMaid & BMan outfits
                    * Groom outfit (He wants to shop for it himself!)
                    * Have all guests pay half their trip by 2/14!
                    * Dress assessories, viel, etc.
                    * Finalize plans for photography/videography
                    * PASSPORTS (renewal for me & new one for FI!!!)
                    * Plan ceremony (vows, etc.)
                    * Select music, etc.
                    * Buy FI's wedding band!
                    * Buy cute outfits for wedding weekend and honeymoon
                    * Programs, menus, etc.

                    #20 babycow

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                      Posted 31 December 2007 - 05:03 PM

                      I hope I haven't cause too much panic! Thanks for posting your lists, they are very helpful in figuring out all I still need and have forgotten. Also, helpful in writing down what I have accomplished, makes me feel a little more productive, lol. Here is my list- I know I've forgotten a lot but here goes...
                      Date and Time of wedding is set
                      Resort Booked for FI and I (thru Tammy-host)
                      Air Booked for FI and I
                      Resort Booked for family (thru Tammy-host)
                      Air booked for family
                      Attire chosen for Groom, and all male family- tan pants, white shirt
                      -need to purchase for FI
                      Created a mood board for colors- the flavor of the week is: Pinks, Red, Pale Blue, Whites, Green
                      Narrowed down wedding bands- need to order
                      Purchased basic note card for DIY-embellished invites
                      Sent Save the Date info letter
                      In process of booking photographer
                      Decided on Having Dinner at World Caf© (buffet)

                      Compile info for Invitation inserts: Resort, Travel, Safety, Timeline, ect.
                      Print Invites
                      Dress Shopping ( hopefully next weekend, and off the rack)
                      Need to let family know color scheme +what they should wear
                      Purchase Rings
                      Undecided on Videographer
                      Honeymoon Attire
                      Purchase Parasols and Fans (Oriental Trading finally has Paint your Own White ones in stock :) )
                      Purchase OOT gifts
                      Send WC pics of bouquet and bout
                      Call WC and get answers to all my questions
                      Dinner D©cor
                      Music list
                      Makeup shopping, trials
                      Hair trials (dependent on Veil choice and awful haircut growing out)
                      Arrange Dog Sitter
                      Oh yeah and get my bum off the couch and loose some weight (20+ would be a start)

                      For good measure, I've added my At home reception as well:
                      Booked Location
                      Theme decided
                      Purchased print yourself invitations
                      FI’s parents got us Champagne Flutes engraved with names and dates

                      Print Invites
                      Decide on caterer (food)
                      Print Thank You Wedding Picture on Moo Cards
                      RSVP card
                      Postage stamps
                      Erica and Tim
                      Dreams Tulum
                      May 17, 2008

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