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Punta Cana - Late April to Early May Wedding

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I'm getting married on May 5th at the Ocean Blue Hotel in Punta Cana and I think that I would like to bring a photographer to capture the wedding day and do TDT session.


Is anyone getting married around that day and would possibly be interested in splitting a photographer?


This is not 100% yet, but a very good possibility.

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that is such a great way to bring the cost down of a photographer. you split the cost of the flight and most likely a nice chunk of the hotel costs in half. i told one couple once that i wouldnt even have to charge them for the flight down because i was going to be there the week before so they would have had to spring for an extra night hotel in between the two wedding days and that was it. if you can find someone jump on it.

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Thanks for the tips!


I have found a photographer looking to expand his portfolio :) Actually, they are two of them.... him and his lovely wife.


Anna and Spencer Photography | International Wedding Photographers | Atlanta, St. Simons Island, Savannah, Hilton Head, Europe, Destination, Japan


We are three brides splitting their travel costs.


Please note to Ocean Blue brides... you can bring in your photographer... however a day pass is only good for 6 hours. A day pass is Noon-6:00pm and a Night Pass is 6:00pm-Midnight. They are flexible though.. so just keep this in mine if your photographer is not staying at your hotel.

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well lexiee i checked out your photographers website. theres some great stuff on there so you should be pleased. plus i am sure they are pleased to get to shoot three different weddings down there. that is fantastic that you 3 are splitting the cost. really so many couples should do that because its a win win for everyone. plus that you get two photographers is another bonus. do us all a favor and post those photos up .

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