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Question for Dreams or Moon Palace Brides

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Hello Everyone!!


I just recently got engaged and am kind of overwelmed on where to start with the destination planning!!



Well we are looking at Dreams and the Moon Palace...Both all inclusive packages. Since some of our guests are going to be in their mid 20's we want to try to make sure the total out of pocket expense for our guests isn't to high. So far we are thinking that there will probably be 40-45 people that will attend.


One thing we are trying to decide is what to do for a reception. We are planning on having a reception when we get back to our hometown or shortly after but realize that we need to do something after the wedding in Cancun. They hard thing is though since we are paying for all inclusive its hard to think of paying more for a reception while in Cancun.


Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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I'm no help but I just wanted to let you know I am looking at both of those resorts as well and can't decide. I think I might be leaning toward the Dreams a little more though. I plan to go to a travel agency tomorrow. If I find anything of significance between the two, I will let you know. If we do go with dreams, I think we are just doing the package that includes the hors d'oeuvres and then try to all be seated at a restaurant together (but I'm only having about 20-25 people there). As far as cost, I think we will price the resort as well as surrounding others + the day pass for guests so they can have choices. I haven't spoken with anyone at either resort to see exactly what the reception options would be other than what is listed on the website. Maybe your best bet would be to contact one of them if you haven't already to get a general idea of prices. Good luck!

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Hi, I am a Dreams bride.

The time we actually chose to go is more expensive that the fall, but our date worked for those important people in our lives that we really wanted there. So that is one thing to consider. I think we have about the same number of people.


I looked at a couple of hotels close to Dreams for options, but honestly, they would be paying more once you include food and drink.


I suggest working with a travel agent to try to find the price points you are looking for.


Keep in mind when contacting Dreams they may take a while to respond, but they will. They have weddings there several days of the week and are pretty busy.


I think there you can have the reception (if you choose to have one), in the garden, ballroom, terrace, spa area or on the beach.


Good luck and let us know how if you have any more questions :)

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I was married at dreams about a month ago, its beautiful!!


a couple of things to keep in mind:


someone on the forum was told that in order to have your wedding there at least 80% of your guests have to stay there, I didn't run into this so I don't know if it is accurate, but you may want to keep it in mind if you are recommending other resorts.


We did a cocktail hour and reception and yes, you are paying for food and drink at an all inclusive, but you are also paying for service, and the service was fantastic, the food was excellent, we had a great time.


The biggest difference I can think of to point out to you between dreams and MP is the size. We loved dreams because it was small enough that we could easily find our friends and family, it was easy to get around, it was perfect for what we wanted for our wedding. MP is a LOT larger, think golf carts to get around. Another thing about MP is I believe they have several weddings everyday, dreams is usually just one, unless they are really small.


Let me know if I can help answer any questions. I don't really know much about MP, I only briefly looked into it, but I am familiar with dreams

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I also had this problem and was about to make myself crazy over it. We chose Dreams over MP. One reason being my FI wanted there and Two it in Cancun. Are groups is pretty young and I know will want to party while they are there and I didn't want them to have to pay outragous cab fairs for a night out. I also believe from STL it is alittle cheaper for our guest to get there. I would just have a TA price both out for you and see where you come out.

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I am a Dreams bride but I have been to Moon Palace in the past. Moon Palace is gorgeous but it is a lot further away from not only the airport but the action. With Dreams it is right in the middle of the hotel zone and also a lot of the bars (like Senor Frogs, Pat O'Briens, Hard Rock, etc).


We too were torn because we are at an all inclusive why would we pay extra for a reception but we decided it was the least we could do for our awesome friends and family who are making the trip down to see us. And the cost is nothing like you would expect here.


Plus Dreams is close to other hotels. For example, my aunt has a lot of marriott rewards points so they are going to stay at the nearby marriott and then on the day of our wedding just pay the $50 day pass to come to Dreams.

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