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out-of-town [oot] bags

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hey girlies... not sure what is suppose to go in them, here are some things that im thinking about, ANY and ALL suggestions (with pictures or a possible e-mail address) would be greatly appriciated.


- personalized thank you card for each guest

- newspaper?? magzine?? [not sure if i want to give them an old newspaper

- map of ddestination [cancun for me] / guides / brochures

- map of hotel & its ameneties

- our theme is "Love is our greatest Fortune" [he asked me to marry him with a fortune cookie/ the ring was steamed into it] so... fortune cookie with a personalized thanks inside for each quest

- 2 postcards ...

- one to be mailed back to us with highlight of trip (stole that idea)

- one for own keepsake

- advil/tylonol- some type of medicine to cure hangovers, lol

- customized shot glasses

- personalized chapsticks [not sure about this one yet] www.lipblamexpresss.com

- jones personalized soda bottles w/ our picture on it [www.myjones.com]


*** def not putting all these in each bag ... depends how much the final count is... what would you like to recieve in yours? what did you give out in yours? HELP !!!

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I still have stuff to get but some additional items not on your list is:

lint roller

mini first-aid kit

bug repellant wipes

tissue packets

small photo album

was going to do a beach towel but our resort offers them (1 less thing to pack)

hand sanitizer

manicure set

sponge (for bath)

notepad (and will add a pen when I find them I like)


I am giving mine to my guests a week or so before our trip. I dont want to have to pack it and this will help them to pack less (some of this stuff may be on their packing list)

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I took pictures of pretty much everything I included. When I started, I decided to make everyone a simple customized beach bag (this is one of the things I seem to always forget to bring with me!) I then tried to pick out a couple cute items to put in it; the flip-flop luggage tag, the sea shell candles with matches (every room at my resort has a spa tub, so I thought they would be romantic). Next, I also decided to include a handover kit; ibuprofen, Emergen-C, G2 mixers, Rolaids, and sore throat remedy (works for the “hangover voice†- lol). Next, I was decided to add a few items that people are likely to forget but would come in handy; travel kleenex, aloe vera, shout wipes, q-tips, bandaids, and hand sanitizer  (I also tried to find  bug repellent but  had not luck). I then ended up adding the toothbrush, paste, floss picks, sunblock, and chapstick (SPF 15) since those would be important items if forgotten. I just about threw in a razor too, but decided I was getting carried away. After all, there is a Wal-mart within walking distance to our resort! Since I didn't fill the bag completely, I bagged the items together; one bag marked as a "hang-over" kit and one as toiletries". I put the kits in the beach bag, folded the sides of the bag around them, and tied it all together.

Hindsight being 20-20, I wish I had just stuck with unique and fun items; bags, luggage tags, candles, bath salts, G2 mixers, and personalized koozies. I also love the postcard idea I read about in this post!







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Originally Posted by meandpaul View Post


I am giving mine to my guests a week or so before our trip. I dont want to have to pack it and this will help them to pack less (some of this stuff may be on their packing list)


Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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