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Just Starting The Process. Need Guidance!

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We recently got engaged and are looking at doing a destination wedding somewhere in jamaica (July 2018)!! I would be guessing that we expect about 20-25 people to attend.


I've been on so many websites in the last few days and I have to say I am beyond confused. First off, a lot of places I see seem to be geared for a wedding with very few in attendance. Secondly, we would like a reception similar to what we would have in America. Lasting around 4-5 hours with traditional dances etc.


We also want to keep the price reasonable for our guests to stay. We definitely are laid back with a lot of things but our top wish list would be:


Great beach

Resort that is geared for adults but has lots to do on the resort

Options for a wedding reception like I listed above

Cost effective (would like to keep the wedding,reception, and week long stay under 8k <----is that even possible?

I will probably have a million more questions that I feel more comfortable listening to the advice of fellow brides that have gone through the process or currently In the process!

Thank you so much for any help you can give ????????

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Azul Sensatori Jamaica in Negril is beautiful and new and they have weddings there. It's part of the Karisma chain. Just beautiful 

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Congratulations AmandaBeth!! You have come to the right place. There are lots of great options in Jamaica, adults only, family friendly and something for all budgets. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.   If you'd like a Wright Travel agent to contact you just click the link below. Thanks! TA Patty

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