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  1. i am also getting married April 2018 at azul sensatori bc I have children in my wedding as well. so excited!
  2. are any of these items still available ? i am interested in buying the Ivory Flower Balls (5 total) - $10 total from you
  3. When I am done I'll post some pics. I also made the ring bearer box. I thought it was a different idea instead of pillow. I went to buy mine on Etsy they were almost $50. I made mine for a little over $4. and it looks exactly the same as the ones you buy finished. And I made the flower girl basket. Hey its saving us A LOT of money. And it feels good to know I made it myself and I added some sentimental things to them. Like to the box and the basket I added shells we picked from the beach on our first two trips to mexico.
  4. My wedding is in April. I am going to bring them with me. I am afraid of losing things if I them shipped to the hotel. thank you @@TandAGetHitched for helping me figure out how to post a pic lol I don't know if you like it but everyone I showed thought they were real. I am happy with them.
  5. i wish i can figure out how to post a pic so you can see how real they look @@TandAGetHitched
  6. I got some of mine on amazon and believe it or not Michael's had a small selection.
  7. Just a thought for any DIY brides out there. I made my own ring bearer box this weekend. And I am so happy with the outcome. They are $30-50 online. I spent $4.30 and it looks just as beautiful as the ones online. I just need to put the burlap pillow in tonight.
  8. I bought "real touch" roses and I have to say I am extremely picky but they are beautiful. The colors, the feel, the look. You would never know. I am so happy.
  9. I have also been debating the same. So what we decided was that since there are other dessert options for our guests, we are purchasing a small 2 person cake just to "cut the cake"
  10. Thank you. Are you having real flowers or I saw a lot of people talking about using real touch flowers. I am so afraid taht they will look cheap and fake. Do you know anything about that? What will you be doing? Lomas seems like their bouquets are quite pricey.
  11. See. I kind of feel like my TA didn't real do anything. She asked what they offered and relayed the message to us. We were quoted 1400 per couple for 4 days 3 nights. Is that about what your guests were quoted as well @@TandAGetHitched?
  12. azul sensatori and also generations maya both family friendly all part of karisma hotels amazing food
  13. I am also having the smores party on the beach and I was told from my WC that chairs and tables are not provided.
  14. I am getting married at azul sensatori mexico in april as well. As far as the flowers, Lomas travel is so expensive. I noticed alot of brides on here talk about real touch flowers that you can purchase on etsy. They look really pretty I am going to buy 1 just to see if it looks as nice in person. Also the sheers for the gazebo and the bows for the chairs seem a little high as well to purchase at the resort. So it seems like people are purchasing the organza by the yard from amazon. I spoke to my wedding coordinator she said that ther is a fee of $250 to set up but I would still be saving money
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