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Need Help With Dress!

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Hello everyone!


I've been consulting the forum for awhile now and need help choosing a dress.


My boyfriend and I have decided to skip the whole "engagement" part and get married in Tuscany, Italy this upcoming summer while we're visiting his family. We've invited just our immediate families and our 3 best friends each. It's going to be a very simple symbolic ceremony in a park or on a hill side (TBD when we arrive)


I was set on ordering a dress online for $100 and that would be that. Then I made the mistake of going to try on dresses with my best friend and now I'm unsure of what to do. I fell in love with a dress I tried on (no surprise) but it's a $1,100 dress. My Mom suggested wearing it long at the ceremony and then having it altered to a cocktail length for the AHR (we are having that a month after we return). An extra $1,000 on a dress isn't really in the budget but my Mom and best friend (she just got married this past summer) keep telling me that you only get married once and to go all out. I showed my boyfriend photos of OTHER dresses I had tried on that day and he said "I thought you were going to get something simple". I don't know what I should do. The downside to ordering online is not being able to try the dress on before you buy and the dress might not be exactly what the picture shows online.


I've attached pictures. The short dress is the one online and the long dress is the one I tried on last week.


If I bought the long dress, would it be appropriate to shorten it and wear it to the wedding party after?



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It's your wedding. Do what YOU want to do. I think both are gorgeous!!! But my feeling is for the long. It's simple but very elegant and I think it would suit beautifully for a wedding in Italy. I wouldn't even shorten it for the AHR. You could absolutely but why? It's your time to celebrate. You don't have to go the whole route. You could put a single flower in your hair to make it more simple if that's what you want. But the thing about a destination wedding is there are no rules. Go with what you're comfortable with, not what it her people think you should wear. My vote is for the long dress. Good luck and let us know the final decision.


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Both dresses are gorgeous, but I do have to say that the long one is just stunning! I totally agree and think it will go perfectly for an Italy wedding. And I can see that it has potential to be shortened but at the same time I don't think you'd have to do that. It has a rather elegant feel, and if it were me I would go with the long one. You do only get married once, and on the day you don't want to be there wishing you were in the other dress. Hope that helps.

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