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  1. As far as paying for the dresses - I have been MOH or BM in 4 weddings and always paid for my own dress. I think the bride should cover their hair/makeup but more often than not I've had to cover that too in the weddings I've been in. For our wedding, I am buying the dress for one of my bridesmaids as her birthday gift because I know that she's already tight on money saving to come to the destination wedding. Plus we selected dresses around $160 USD (showmeyourmumu.com) which I think is a little pricey. My other two bridemaids are better off financially so I'm not worried about their dre
  2. They look great! Your handwriting looks really nice!
  3. Oh! I see what you are saying! Was it an easier (and less expensive) process to have the legal ceremony in Costa Rica?
  4. I think that's a great idea and if she keeps asking you how she can help, I think she would be honored to help you on the big day. What if you told her that if you had a bridal party, she'd clearly be a part of it and you were wondering if she'd be your person of honor that day? Maybe you can ask in a card so you can give a quick summary of what you're asking her to do. Ideas of titles: day of coordinator, right-hand lady, person of honor, best bitch, lol.
  5. Both are gorgeous - but you never know what the short one will look like until you order it and try it on. Is it able to be returned if it doesn't work?
  6. I just started at Ideal Image! Eeek so excited! I've gotten 2 treatments so far. Getting my chin, lip, and armpits. I can already tell a difference in my armpits. They told me it takes 8-10 treatments i think for permanent removal.
  7. Me too!!! I buy everything online from Old Navy (sometimes in multiple sizes) and then just return whatever doesn't work!
  8. Oh, we were between Royalton or Now Jade and visted both in December. The Royalton was so beautiful and the food was AMAZING! Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks for this old post everyone! We originally planned to get married legally at the courthouse (Delaware, USA) but after taking to our photographer and some others, we are going to wait and do the legal stuff after our wedding in Mexico. The wedding Mexico will be our "real wedding" as we will say our vows in front of everyone, say "I do", etc. and we will consider that our wedding date. The paperwork stuff isn't as important as when we really say our vows and commit to each other. But our photographer said that once you say "I do" there is a small spark gone and you might feel a litt
  10. Interesting - I always heard you don't send invites if they already declined after STD. That's what I was planning to do as I get my invites ready to send next month! I just thought it was an etiquette thing.
  11. In the same boat! I really didn't love the standard posed pictures from the resort photographer. But I found that it was just as affordable to go with an outside photographer. We are going w/ a photographer that covers the vendor fees from the resort. But we're getting married in Riviera Maya so I can't help you with that. Also, we went to the Royalton Riviera Cancun and it was beautiful - I bet your wedding resort is amazing! Maybe start by emailing some of the photographers in Jamaica and getting quotes. You might be pleasantly surprised - there were a few companies that were actu
  12. I know this is an old thread but just wanted to say thank you! This wording is perfect inspiration as I'm writing our STD's!
  13. Hi all! I'm looking at the Royalton for our March 2018 wedding so I wanted to follow this board! Thanks for all the information and advice so far in this thread.
  14. This is a review of:

    Moments That Matter Photography

    Great experience and perfect photos!

    Thank you Lincoln for the amazing photos of our wedding day.  Having great photos was really important to me so I looked at a lot of different photographers before making my decision.  I love your style and the photos are just what we wanted.  You made us feel comfortable and I loved that you captured everything we wanted!  I would highly recommend you to anyone!
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