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Hi everyone! I am starting to plan our future destination wedding (thinking February 2018). We come from opposite coasts of the states so Cancun seemed like the natural caribbean location (easy to get to for both sides and relatively affordable).


Question I have - are there any good starting places/resources/links on info for prices etc? Or anyone have any of their price experiences to share? I really want to get a ballpark on how much this might cost us before planning everything and realizing it's too expensive.


I've stayed in ME Cancun and Paradisus Playa Del Carmen before and loved both (modern, nicer, relaxing) so would be interested in something like that (not a huge fan of the old fashioned resorts).

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Welcome to our forum community flowerpancakes and Congrats on your upcoming dw!!! You've come to a great place with resources to find answers for your planning questions, so well done on getting a wonderful start already :)


You'll see lots of advice here about a great starting point being to get a travel agent familiar with our area who can guide you thru the many resort comparisons and price points they offer.

Here's a link to some threads talking about the ME Cancun in case you haven't already seen them: ME Cancun threads


We captured a wedding at the Paradisus PdC which offers these backdrops for your magical wedding moments that matter you see here: taken from our Paradisus Wedding Story Album.....enjoy!







Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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HI there,


First thing to do is  get package quotes from different resorts. After you review them see what are your must haves and compare between all of them. I made a spreadsheet with this and filled it out with the various packages and the prices. Make sure to pay attention to the amount of people included in the package and the extra person fee if you go over that amount. Also, make sure to ask about hidden costs, such as outside vendor fees (if you don't use the resort DJ or photographer for example). Another big thing to watch out for is décor, most packages include only white linens and they will charge extra if you decide to go with coloured ones. Flowers/centerpieces, etc.


So it all depends how much you want to spend and how much of the extra things are important to you. I am planning on bringing my own chair sashes and centerpieces (using fake flowers so that I don't have to pay the extra fee for not using their florist) My wedding budget is approximately $5000 excluding travel costs.


Hope this helps

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