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Help With My Honeymoon Destinations

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Hello Friends!
I'm new in this forum and I'm looking for ideas for our honeymoon. I'm going to married this September. My fiancee is organizing everything around our wedding and I have to choose a destination for our honeymoon. I'm thinking to spend around 1500 £ for a 4-5 days - max a week. I was looking for some of Greece Islands like: Zakynthos, Lefkada, Santorini, Skiathos.
I'm looking this destinations because look beautiful and I prefer to be some kind island.
If someone have other suggestions, please help me.


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Welcome to our forum community JohnVolkert and Congrats on your Sept wedding coming up!!! There are lots of excellent resources here to help answer your planning questions, so well done on joining the boards.


You certainly posted a Gorgeous photo of that location - would be so romantic too :) Hope you find all the answers you're looking for and ENJOY a spectacular honeymoon - all the BEST!!! team MTM :)


....we'll leave you with the added inspiration of some magical wedding moments that matter we've captured in our incomparable Riviera Maya, taken from our Riviera Maya Resorts posts:






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