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Hyatt Ziva Cancun - Roll Call!

2016 Brides

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#101 rkilmer0319

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  • Wedding Date:June 22, 2017
  • Wedding Location:Hyatt Ziva Cancun
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Posted 25 August 2016 - 08:02 PM

Hi ladies,


I went for my preview in June and it was awesome and I met with my new wedding planner Andrea Garza and she was amazing, much more helpful than Jessica and she gets back to my emails very quickly and I've been feeling much better planning. I had a payment due this week and I sent the email with the information and never heard back from Andrea. Today I sent a follow-up email and I received this:


Esta cuenta quedará pronto desactivada, favor de dirigir sus correos a christina.parker@hyatt.com




This email address will soon be out of service, please send your emails to christina.parker@hyatt.com


Thank you


To me, this sounds like Andrea is no longer working there, but I have no idea! Does anyone have more information? She didn't tell me anything and I'm pretty angry because this could be my 3rd planner so far since booking this wedding and I was really liking Andrea. 


I'm feeling like bridezilla right now. Ugh.


To answer other questions about vendors, we don't want to pay the $500 vendor fee so we've booked everything through Hyatt so far. I am getting airbrush make-up done by VO evolution, but it's super expensive, so I am getting my hair done at the hotel salon + all the bridesmaids will get their hair and make-up done there too. I got my hair trial at the salon and my VO evolution make-up trial done while I was there visiting in June, both went well.

Just thought I would hop in here and let you guys know that I creeped on Andrea's instagram and she posted that she is leaving. It was in Spanish, I used an auto translator. This is some next-level creeping  :lol:  but I want to know who will be coordinating mine if I have it there! 

#102 rebeccarpeck

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    Posted 28 August 2016 - 03:06 PM

    I just signed the contract and have been working with Kristina. She has responded within a few minutes, including answering questions and sending/receiving files on a Saturday. Maybe there is hope! :) Fingers crossed....

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    #103 rkilmer0319

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    • Wedding Date:June 22, 2017
    • Wedding Location:Hyatt Ziva Cancun
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    Posted 07 September 2016 - 06:17 PM


    My wedding was Saturday, April 16 at Hyatt Ziva Cancun at 4:30pm. I’m going to try to keep this short and to the point because I’m tired. I did the Lavish & Opulent package. 35 guests there. 3 people didn’t come due to family emergency.

    The hotel was lovely! Everyone loved it and so did I. They have something for everyone and the staff is super nice. I love their motto – service from the heart. They raise their hand to their heart when they greet you. Several of our guests were talking about coming back later with friends or other family members. The wedding was beautiful and more than I dreamed of. I was overjoyed with everything and would definitely recommend it to other brides. Don’t be discouraged by your initial wedding consultant that’s assigned. I had Elsa and didn’t always love her but Andrea, my onsite, was THE BEST. She’s the sweetest person and took care of everything. She went above and beyond. I took her my suitcase of items and she made sure everything was set up beautifully. Those items were – sashes, maracas, guest book and camera, a couple of other small things.

    We arrived to the resort on Wednesday and were blown away immediately when we stepped out of the van. The view breathtaking. There is a wide open view of the pool and ocean. Two of my friends rode with us from the airport and one told me that she loved it so much she could kiss me on the mouth lol (but she didn’t). We were given cold towels and a glass of some kind of sparkling beverage (non-alcoholic). Check in was easy and pretty fast. They give you the option of whether you want to put a credit card on file or not.

    On Friday night we had our welcome party at Tres Cervezas. It was PERFECT! My friends went early to hold a couple of tables. There was a Mexican party going on at the plaza so most hotel guests were out there. The bar was pretty empty which I was happy about lol. We took over! And there was a live band. I am so happy I didn’t pay for a private party. It wasn’t necessary. My friend handed out the favor cups as people arrived and we all just mingled, ate wings, and drank. Some of us even danced while the band played. So MUCH fun. So glad we did it. It was a chance to spend time with all of our guests and catch up with people we hadn’t seen yet.

    On Saturday morning (wedding day) we had rehearsal at 9am at the sky gazebo. It was EXTREMELY windy. We did a walk through and she rehearsed with the kids like 3 or 4 times. She promised them that if they listened and did well she’d have a surprise for them. It was 2 little girls and 2 little boys. They listened and did well at the ceremony. She gave them cupcakes during cocktail hour

    My mom, his mom, and I had our makeup done at the spa. They have a bridal suite. I also had my hair curled. They did a pretty good job. Everyone loved my makeup but I didn’t. I didn’t think my lashes were down far enough and she forgot to put blush on me. I called a friend down to the spa for a third opinion lol. She said the lashes were fine. They have lashes there but I brought my own. They move really slow and have a limited selection of eye shadows and lip sticks. I was happy I brought my own lipstick. My mom didn’t like the ones they put on her, they were all really light. She ended up wearing one she had in her room. Her makeup looked nice and so did my MIL’s. I forgot my lady’s name but I think it might have been Holly. I was there from 1pm until a little after 3pm. My photographer and videographers came in while I was in there (Ivan Luckie & Alex Gallardo).

    Also while I was in the spa, Andrea came and told me that it was still super windy at the gazebo so they were going to move the cocktail and reception to the punta vista terrace. I was fine with that. And actually very happy. It turned it really well and I loved the set up.

    Ceremony was beautiful. We did a sand ceremony that included my step kids. I ordered the kit from Etsy. The minister was great. The wind was really bad. My hair was all over the place! We attempted family photos after the ceremony but I’m sure they look crazy bc of the wind. I can’t wait to see them though.

    I’m told that the cocktail food was good. The reception food was good, although very small servings. The salad and stuffed chicken were delicious. The vegetarian course was a joke. I wish someone took a photo of it. No one anyone would be full from that. It’s shameful. The cake was delicious as well.
    Cocktail: Salmón fish tartar with tzaziki cucumber, Potato Spanish tortilla, Roast beef with horse radish cream sauce.
    Salad: Roasted chicken breast and crispy bacon with roman lettuce.
    Main: Artichokes stuffed chicken breast with goat cheese and Vegetable tower for vegetarians.
    Dessert: Iced red fruits tart.
    Kids: Chicken nuggets and cheese pizza (requested on the spot). The waiters were all very nice and even danced with my friends
    Cake: Signature cake – vanilla. I paid extra for flowers added.

    We had Dj Doremixx for DJ. He was awesome. He played the songs I sent him and mixed in other songs that we all enjoyed it. I was surprised by the cold fireworks at the end but it was awesome. The Hyatt had a party scheduled at the Punta Vista bar so we moved the party to the bar around 9:45. It was perfect for those of us who weren’t ready to go in yet. That lasted til 1am but we left around 11:30 I think. We were like celebrities lol. All the guests at the bar were congratulating us and taking photos with us. Even days following the wedding people were congratulating us. I guess they saw us when we were doing our photos around the hotel.

    Our room was beautifully decorated when we returned. We were pleasantly surprised.

    Wedding Consultant – Elsa Torres – Sweet lady but spotty communication. I think she was overworked and had too much on her plate

    Onsite Wedding Coordinator – Andrea Garza – LOVED HER. She’s the best. You can tell she loves her job. She danced and played with the kids. Even allowed my step daughter to trick her into making a balloon animal lol. Check her out on Instagram – Aneiia9113 to see wedding photos

    Rentals – Gama Grupo (Abimael May)– Chairs, Chinese lanterns & support, silver chargers, square table – Good to work with. Good communication. Everything as promised.

    Flowers – Hyatt vendor – forgot the name lol. I never talked to them directly. – centerpieces, flower girl baskets, and petals, boutonniere

    My bouquet, mom corsages, dad bouts, flower girl headbands – I ordered from wedideas.com

    DJ – Doremixx (Ivan) – He was great! He also brought extra lighting that I requested. No dance floor. Glad I didn’t waste money on it. We didn’t miss it. Had to pay outside fee for him

    Photo – Ivan Luckie (plus Aldo) – We loved them. Can’t wait to see the photos. Had to pay outside fee for him but it included the videographers as well.
    Video – Alex Gallardo (plus Elvis) – Loved them as well. They were funny and set up a lot of good moments to capture.

    Maracas – Etsy – vintagebabydoll – good communication and pretty fast turn around. I ordered them a month before the wedding

    Maraca tags – Etsy – Recipebox – very accommodating and quick service

    Favor cups – Etsy – Myweddingstore – Loved them, quick shipping

    Sand Ceremony – Etsy – Thedreamweddingshop - Loved them, quick shipping. If you do this, make sure you wrap it up well for travel back. TSA opened it to test the sand and didn’t secure it well. It was in carry on but when we got home there was sand all in our bag. We plan to redo it with the kids with the leftover sand.

    Hopefully I got everything but if I didn't, just ask! BTW these are photos from friends and family so they're not all great quality.

    Also - I'm too lazy/tired to proofread it. I apologize for errors loL

    Thank you for this thorough review! So helpful! Did you have to pay an extra fee to use the Punta Vista for your reception? My wedding will be about the same size as yours and I'd love to have the reception there but $5,000 to rent it seems crazy! Also, what did you do for your cocktail hour? Did you rent those little furniture sets or just a few tables? It seems like that can add up quickly. 

    #104 Pchu1214

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      Posted 29 September 2016 - 04:54 PM

      Hi brides! Is there anyone here that used encore for their dj/mc? It's one of the few that's on the hyatts vender catalog but I'm wondering how other people's experience was with them. Thanks!!

      #105 NishaBree

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        Posted 05 October 2016 - 03:02 PM

        Hi Ziva brides. Question, does the $500 vendor fee apply to each vendor you bring in from outside? For ex: I would most likely bring in my own photographer as well as a DJ. Would that just be a total of $500 or $1,000? Sorry I'm just confused by this whole outside vendor fee.  

        I was told that if you bring your own photographer and DJ that there will be no vendor fee as long as they are staying at the resort. I am too planning to bring my own (photographer and DJ) and I asked about this myself. The only thing is with my DJ I will have to rent the equipment from one of the vendors that is listed.

        #106 MichelleandAdam

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          Posted 08 October 2016 - 09:45 AM

          Hi Ladies!  


            Has anyone worked with Angela Hidalgo at hyatt zika yet?  Our wedding is coming up quick (october 22nd) and we just barely got her assigned to us.  It's been like pulling teeth to get them to respond to us.  We're super excited but nervous because we haven't gotten a lot of response and now that Andrea is gone I haven't seen anything written about Angela.



          #107 Spoiledtator

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            Posted 09 October 2016 - 05:53 AM


            hi! I also have been assigned to her and not heard a word! I've sent a few questions over, no response. I'm sad Andrea isn't there (I too followed her on Instagram). My wedding is Oct 20th!! So I will likely see you there (we leave Sunday night). I'll let you know as many tips as I can if we see each other

            #108 rebeccarpeck1

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              Posted 09 October 2016 - 06:06 AM

              Your experiences and the last couple of wedding reviews on Tripadvisor really have me worried for what's to come in the next year! :(

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              #109 rkilmer0319

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              • Wedding Date:June 22, 2017
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              Posted 09 October 2016 - 05:18 PM

              @Spoiledtator @MichelleandAdam I'll be really anxious to hear how it all goes for you! I have a different coordinator but she's been hit or miss too. Best wishes for beautiful, joyful, and stress-free wedding days to you both!! 

              #110 JRodz

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              • Wedding Date:September 23, 2016
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              Posted 11 October 2016 - 02:27 AM

              @MichelleandAdam Hi I recently had my wedding a Hyatt ziva on September 23rd and had Angela as my WC but also had to deal with Christina Parker. Dealing with the wedding group was a nightmare they are very unorganized, non responsive and never do as they say. They over promise and never deliver. I will say that my wedding day was perfect! It was perfect because of all the emotions and love that day and maked the little things not important. My bouquet was not as I requested, my guest never had our cake. Actually we only had two bites and never saw it again. Our decor was a little off and our "take a shot take your seat" table was confusing and nonalcoholic shots were mixed with alcohol and not clearly explained. But none of that mattered that day bc seeing my husband and surrounded by our family and friends made it perfect. I will also recommend going prepared and arrive a few days earlier to review every last detail. Have it all in writing AND follow up and reconfirm bc they never get it right. They even ruined our intimate dinner on the pier. Set up in the wrong location and brought out the wrong menu even though we paid for the upgrade. The food was cold and moet hot. The staff at the hotel is amazing and they did try to make things right for us and to clean up the wedding Depts mess. I would have one of your guests non bridal party go with you to the first meeting to ensure your requests are met. I regret not having a wedding planner to deal with them and also getting ready in the room insread of the bridal room in the spa. Felt cramped and dark.

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