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  1. @@rebeccarpeck1 I'm scared to ask... I've just given up contacting them. Melissa Zamora said she is only handling my second payment and then turning be back to the onsite WC.
  2. @@Joshea Mine was on a Saturday. Its subject to availability but I got lucky as it was Veterans Day weekend.
  3. Well, its only been three weeks since my BDP and Christina Parker is no longer my coordinator. I have been switched to Melissa Zamora. This is beyond frustrating! If anyone has worked with her please let me know.
  4. @@HannahShort I took a tour of it twice. Definitely bigger than the other rooms. We will be upgrading from the Club tower to a Swim Up Suite in Turquoize.
  5. @@rebeccarpeck1 We liked the red velvet and the brownie mocha. There are many different food options, ask your consultant to send you the menu. @@jessgar86 The basic rooms quote I have for my guests is $336/night for one person. The more people in the room the price goes down. It's a mandatory 3 night stay with my TA (Wendy)
  6. Big Day Preview was amazing. Christina is so sweet and very helpful. The tasting was amazing! The office and wedding department have expanded since I went in May. This weekend alone I saw three weddings and all the brides looked happy so I'm not too worried anymore.
  7. @@jmartins1223 I got that email as well. A few weeks back Maguie set m appointment with Christina after I schedule my BDP. I'm going net Friday, so let me know if any one has questions!
  8. @@HannahShort I used Wendy Hicks from Wright Travel Agency. They also own this site I believe https://www.wrighttravelagency.com/ She got great group rates also with alot of perks!
  9. Hi Ladies- I just spoke with Maguie Fuentes and she went on TripAdvisor and read the bad reviews while I was on the phone. She said she wasn't surprised. Apparently, there is a new wedding director that is revamping the whole department and wedding system. I kind of feel bad for her because she's frustrated with the on site coordinators as well. She is not sure if she will be a part of this new team/process but she believes changes are coming! They are trying to improve communication with the on site director and the brides. Hopefully in November I can get Christina Parker's input on this.
  10. Well today after all this I have contacted an off site wedding planner. I spoke with Maggie (Hyatt WC) and she said it will be an ex $500 vendor fee, but I think that is better than the headache. I am going down my the "Big Day Preview" in November so I'll address this is Christina Parker and see what she says.
  11. Hey @@JRodz The last time I spoke to her was on 7/27 when i finally booked the preview. I had a follow up question via email but she never responded, Have you called the wedding department? If you want you can message me on FB too. Keep me posted!! ok wow @@NishaBree I wonder why they are not doing it anymore! Good to know!
  12. I was working with her too but she wasnt being clear and then stop responding so I called the Playa Weddings and spoke with Christine who was super helpful! Apparently, there is one designated King Room for this promotion so the WC onsite can only attend to one couple at a time. And this is only for weekdays, so if she has wedding coming up or is busy they wont book your Bog Day Preview. Its super limited which is frustrating and Margarita doesn't really seem to care.
  13. Did anyone here do the big day preview? I am trying to schedule but they are giving me push back on the dates I would like to schedule since there is only one on site coordinator.
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