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  1. @@ashleydanielle4 good luck on the trip. Write everything down and don't forget to outlined all that was discussed and promised by them. Send it via email so it's confirmed by them in Black and white! @@rebeccarpeck1 lol it's so frustrating when you finally received an email and their Google translate didn't translate !! LOL
  2. @@HannahShort Hi Hannah, We worked with a travel agent. I wouldn't recommend mine since I felt she wasn't organized at all. It was more work for us. She worked w/ funjet. I would contact them directly. They can work out a group package for you. We reserved 15 rooms and received a discount for every 5th room we received a free room. A travel agent makes it easier for you and your guest to book and work out an easy payment plan for you and your guest. They also help with roundtrip transportation. TA's are supposed to get you the lowest rates possible especially if you have a block of rooms reser
  3. @@HannahShort I personally like to cut the middleman, so I reached out to each vendor individually. I checked out their FB page sent messages and emails. I preferred to work with someone who's more responsive and attentive. Elena from Love Memories was great to work with. Took the time to skype with us and even give us suggestions. I didn't get the same c/s feel from Gama.
  4. @@HannahShort Hi Hannah. We arrived 2 days before the wedding. We wanted to make sure we had enough time to go over every detail. We also requested a rehearsal the day before to do a walk through w/ entire wedding party, parents, flower girl, ring bearer. It didn't seem like they were going to have one for us. So make sure you schedule one and confirm the day you meet with them. I had them give us a tour of where the ceremony (gazebo) and cocktail/reception would be (beach area by the gazebo). We had a casual welcome gathering at Tres Cervezas the night before the wedding and handed ou
  5. @@MichelleandAdam Hi I recently had my wedding a Hyatt ziva on September 23rd and had Angela as my WC but also had to deal with Christina Parker. Dealing with the wedding group was a nightmare they are very unorganized, non responsive and never do as they say. They over promise and never deliver. I will say that my wedding day was perfect! It was perfect because of all the emotions and love that day and maked the little things not important. My bouquet was not as I requested, my guest never had our cake. Actually we only had two bites and never saw it again. Our decor was a little off and our
  6. Hi ! I love the starfish if they are still available pls let me know. I live in Orlando FL
  7. @@ashleydanielle4 HI Ashley I sent you a msg on FB. I've lost my excitement about the resort and my wedding day. So many things still up in the air and no help from them.
  8. @@ashleydanielle4 Hey Ashley, I've been feeling really frustrated w/ Margarita and the whole wedding planning experience w/ Hyatt. Have you had any luck getting in touch w/ anyone?
  9. @@Guz16 Hi! Congratulations! I want to see photos!! Love your hair! They did a great job. That's a good idea about the trial hair/makeup. How much did they charge for that or was that included?? Also, what happens when it rains? Did you have to choose different decor? Were they able to use the same and just made it work? Also, who did you use for DJ? Sorry for all the questions! Getting nervous and anxious as the days get closer. Jackie
  10. @@Spoiledtator I think in just going to stick with the onsite hair and makeup. I'm also bringing my own stuff in case I need to touch up. We found an amazing photographer and were so excited!! If anyone is still looking I highly recommend: http://erickpozosblog.com/ I love how he captures the moments, the raw emotions and just love his artistic photography.
  11. @@Guz16 wow!! Today's the day you take off!! Have a great wedding! Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it and learn some new tips. We still haven't picked out decor.
  12. @@MrsBklovn I wish I would have waited to buy my id holders. Can I ask you where did you buy the clear gift bags? How big are they? I need to put together 50 programs, 50 oot bags.
  13. @@AmorDeMiVida yes interested! Let me know how much and bag details or pics if you have. Thank you !! Jackie
  14. Hello brides, I'm interested in buying a wally bag. Let me know if you're selling one. Jackie
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