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  1. @@JRodz I guess I should've posted earlier. LOL. .. I used regular treat bags that are approx 5 in long and 3 in wide and stapled the labels to them. I used them for the first aid kits. My oot bags were much larger canvas totes.
  2. Hi Ladies, As I was doing some spring cleaning I found a good amount of items that would be useful to someone planning a beach wedding. Message me if you're interested! Please send me your zip code to estimate shipping. 1. 21 orange Lanyard for badge id's (long enough to go around your neck) $15 2. 50 clear plastic badge Id holders $10 3. 2 packs of ivory cardstock paper. We used them to make the program fans $15 4. Unused Chalkboard paint $7 5. 35 wooden paddle handles (curvy) $5 6. If you purchase all of the items above in one purchase, I will throw in some clear gift bags (approx 20) we used for our 'first aid kits'. Happy Shopping!
  3. So I ended up sending out my invitations 8 months in advance and I gave my guests 6 weeks to RSVP (June 2013). First off, my RSVP date was a soft cutoff for myself. I knew my guests would not respond on time.. out of 80 invites I received approx 30 responses by June (the due date). Everyone else responded afterwards. Now I've reached the point where I want to finalize decor, programs, oot bags, etc and I still have approximately 15 people who say they're attending but haven't booked their room as of yet. So I've sent everyone an email letting them know that they must book their room by Aug 15th, if not I will not be able to accommodate them at the wedding and my travel agent will not be able to reserve a room for them. I know the wedding isn't until December but the way time is flying December will be here in no time! I understand some people are waiting for school schedules, vacation time, etc but its stressful just waiting on someone to make up their mind. I may sound like a b***ch for doing so but at the end of the day, I have to keep myself sane! Good luck ladies!!!! I'll let you know how my Aug 15th cutoff date goes.. lol
  4. Thanks! This was very helpful!
  5. Welcome MV1325!!!!! Congrats on your engagement. As everyone already mentioned there are pros and cons to the travel agent. I chose to use a travel agent for my group because my family and friends arent the greatest at ensuring they get the room on their own. We decided to go with Babs from Wright Travel ... shes been a great help and got us a great package with the resort. I did not ise them for airfare since prices fluctuate so much. On that note... My wedding is Dec 14th and I've already booked my airfare. Lol... Im a control freak and was worried the prices would skyrocket if i waited any longer. We booked a regular room pre wedding and a privilege suite afterwards. I believe Yinette said the honeymoon upgrade is by availability if you have a privilege suite booked already. Aliona82, I believe Yinette said it would be local alcohol at the open bar. I would send them the email again sometimes they havr connectivity issues and dont get all of their emails. The WC are very responsive. Sorry for the long response... HTH
  6. Hi Ladies, There is a Facebook Group called 'Ocean Blue/Sands Beach Resort'. There are a lot of women who have had their wedding there or planning to. If you have any questions that group would be very helpful.
  7. The week before my rsvp deadline i will contact people who havent responded, reminding them to mail the rsvp cards. Its a pain but i rather not have people attempt to show up last minute and inconvenience me.
  8. I'm getting married in Dec and my wedding is at 4:30. I googled the sunset for Dec in punta cana and it said 6:06pm. I believe it was timeanddate.coom. HTH
  9. Ideeli has some cute flip flop luggage tags and "xoxo" Mr& Mrs Thanks you Luggage tags on sale today! http://www.ideeli.com/events/latest
  10. Thanks MissyBee! Do you have their 2013 price list? I tried emailing them but haven't heard back yet. My email address is fcelesti7@gmail.com if you have it! Mimiq, is it because the transaction is foreign? I have an american express but I wonder why there is a limit.
  11. Thanks Alexis! I love Jillian's 30 day Shred. its definitely tough but gets the job done. My wedding isn't until December but I have a dress to fit into. My Fitness Pal is also another motivator. Good Luck ladies!!!
  12. Thanks ladies! Since my wedding is around the holidays I wanted to give my guests ample time to book airfare. So far I've done the following: STD's- End of January Formal Invitiations - Planning to send mid April RSVP Date - June 3rd I believe my room block is held until October so we have plenty of time but my guests kept asking questions about airfare, rooms, and dates so I figured I would send out the info early. Thanks again!
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