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  1. Hello @@JRodz - yes, the starfish are still available. I am in Hollywood, FL and can ship them to you if you're still interested.
  2. I'm ready to sell my leftover wedding decor items! I live in Hollywood, Florida, zip code 33021. Prices do not include shipping. Chair Caps & Runner: These chair caps can be used with chiavari chairs. I received many compliments on these. The colors are bright and they added a finished, elegant touch to my wedding decor. The sale price is $80 + shipping if needed and includes- 30 purple rosette chair caps 1 purple rosette runner 10 turquoise rosette chair caps Measures:Approx. 16" wide x 14" long Material: Satin Purple Betsey Johnson Shoes 8 1/2 - $60: Blue by Betsey Jo
  3. Hello ladies! Thank you for all of your hints and ideas throughout my wedding planning. I wanted to repay the favor by sharing some insight on the vendors we used. I am happy to answer any questions or provide more details if needed Hilton Rose Hall - wedding ceremony on West Beach & all guests stayed onsite The resort is going through some renovations but all of our guests loved the lazy river, the food at the restaurants and the amazing hospitality of all the employees. Our wedding coordinator Renae Blackwell was an absolute pleasure to work with and everything was perfect! Day
  4. Hello- we got married in Montego Bay last week and I was worried about the weather as well. The daily forecast called for 80% chance for thunderstorms every day! It rained once, for 14 minutes, all week In speaking with the locals these quick, early afternoon showers are common but the sun quickly dries everything off. I'd also add since this is part of their low season the resort wasn't overly crowded which was great for our guests! Good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. Hello - I'm getting married next week and Jan's is doing our arrangements. I reviewed quotes from Jan's, Tai Flora and Grande and Jan's was 1/4 of the price. Their customer service has been outstanding and I feel confident everything will be great. I do still have their catalog with prices if you want to PM me your email address. Happy planning!
  6. We emailed copies of our documents with a notarized letter and were told we need to show the originals when we arrive for our wedding. The copies needed to be sent in at least 60 days prior to the wedding date. Good luck!
  7. Not sure if this is an option for you, but we are flying Caribbean Airlines into Montego Bay. They had the lowest ticket price and 2 free checked bags!
  8. I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this stress 2 months out. I do think it was their responsibility to book your back up option or pay for the tent at this point since it is their fault. Have you called their corporate office versus the hotel? I think you'd have better luck with them. Keep us posted and good luck!
  9. Your wedding is a few days before mine! I heard about Kevan Stewart on this site. Many brides raved that his prices were good and he kept the party going. I've seen his pricing and think it's very fair compared to the resort vendors. I got a quote through his website: http://jamaicaweddingdj.com Good luck!
  10. Welcome and congrats! I did a lot of research in the Montego Bay market earlier this year Although I loved Mischa Earle's portfolio and responsiveness we went with SunGold. The packages seemed fair, the online portfolio fit our style and the owner Paula always responds to me right away and is very pleasant. Their online reviews are also very positive so that gave me piece of mind. The Hilton's preferred vendors for flowers are Tai Flora and Grande. I called and emailed both for 6 weeks with no response. I heard about Jan's on this forum and they have been a pleasure to work with. Thei
  11. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience! I love to hear from other Montego Bay brides and will take your advice about staying calm since I'm still 3 months out! I love your tropical flowers and your orange wedding arch. Dwayne W was not available on our date but I am sure your pictures will be great, his portfolio is amazing. Would you mind sharing the name of the Etsy seller you ordered your map from? I may need to borrow that idea Also, did you plan any activities off the resort for your guests? Thanks!
  12. Congrats FutureMrsPaez. I feel your pain and just had to respond. Our preferred wedding date was December 6 to mark the anniversary of when we met. Some close family members (who I will not name) gave us a huge guilt trip because it was inconsiderate of us to get married so close to the holidays and not take family members schedules into account. To quiet things down we opted to get married Columbus Day weekend because it's a long holiday weekend with no school or work. Now that our formal invites are out, guess what? Not 1 of the people we changed the date for are coming to the weddi
  13. Hello ladies - I am hoping for some advice as we start to plan out our wedding weekend in Montego Bay. I'm searching for a fun, laid back place to listen to good music, dance and have some drinks with our guests in the evenings. The majority of the group is in their 30's so nothing in the Spring Break category The disco at our hotel is known for being pretty dead so I want to be prepared with some offsite options, possibly on the Hip Strip. Thank you in advance for your help! Sandra
  14. @@beckys98 I do like what you wrote in the email. You let her know your concerns but also complemented her finished product. I hope she responds and that everything can be cleared up asap. Other than this hiccup, are you ready for the big day?!
  15. @@beckys98 I am so sorry you're faced with this stress right before you leave. If I were you, I'd respond to her email simply asking her to call your FI back to discuss, then let him have the conversation you originally planned. Now that she wants / needs something from you it gives you leverage. If anything, he can set expectations with her and perhaps negotiate? Maybe she can shorten your wait time or give you a discount if you bring the phone but at the very least he can have an open discussion about your concerns and needs. I will be sending positive thoughts your way and please k
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