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  1. @acw211011 it's on Calle 4 between Avenida 10 and 15. Just a block or two from the main walking strip. It's walking distance from the beach! @@nadiakat17 those are great ideas, thank you! We are trying to work out all the details to keep everyone happy or at least not bitter about anything. Nobody really pays attention to the date on the marriage certificate anyway, right??
  2. @@TinkerSofi Thank you, ma'am! My FI and I discussed it just last night and thought the next best thing would be a "wedding brunch" 11-1-15 for all family and friends before we fly out to Playa Del Carmen. That way they get their ceremony, and we get ours, and we can celebrate 11-3-15 as our official day and take pictures in paradise in our dress and suit. How's that??
  3. @@Sandraco8 Thank you so much for your input! It is very helpful! You are very right. What if we change things and then people complain about those plans or don't even show, too? I don't want to look back on everything and say, "you know, we should've just done what would've made us look back and smile instead of look back and say 'what if?'." Thank you! @acw211011 We are looking at some all-inclusive areas to stay. I was looking into Soho Playa Hotel or A-nah Suites for the actual rooftop terrace ceremony. Just something simple: a small ceremony, some dinner at an amazing restaurant called Romeo's (you MUST go there! It is amazing! Best Italian food I've ever had in my life and I'm a huge foodie!), and then relax under the stars with some more wine. That's my kind of night!
  4. @@acw271011 Thank you for your input! Do you think it would be best to just keep it to ourselves as our little romantic secret? Or be truthful about it and say "hey this is what we want for us, we will do what you want for everyone later, and then everyone is happy"?
  5. Dw: Only Fi And I Before "family" Wedding? Yay Or Nay?

  6. Please read my new post! Need some input. Thank you so much!

  7. Earlier last week we brought up the idea of a DW in Mexico 11-3-15 (the anniversary of our first kiss) with just close friends and family, and at first everyone was excited about it. I started looking at flights and hotels and got really into it. Just last night, my parents informed me that my grandparents would not be able to go due to age/uncomfortable with Mexico and my sisters who are in college might not be able to get out of school for a few days because it's on a Tuesday. So they kind of gave us an ultimatum: 1) have a wedding for all family and friends first prior to 11-3-15 and we go to Mexico for honeymoon instead (that they would pay for), 2) go to Mexico with a small group of people on 11-3-15 (which was to be expected) and parents/grandparents/sisters possibly not attend, 3) or they attend Mexico wedding but make us feel guilty for not allowing close family to participate. My fiancé and I thought of a different plan that might be more exciting, but I wanted some input: he and I go to Mexico alone and have our intimate ceremony on 11-3-15 and then return for a weekend wedding with our entire family in their hometown to avoid travel issues and possibly make everyone happy. Is it selfish to go off on our own to get the plan we wanted? We want to keep everyone happy, but didn't want it to be at the expense of ourselves. We didn't want to give up our entire plan just because we were given a guilt trip. I want to keep the significance of 11-3-15. You know, first kiss 11-3-13, first kiss as man and wife 11-3-15. Thoughts? Ideas? Please help!
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