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  1. @@MichelleandAdam hi! I also have been assigned to her and not heard a word! I've sent a few questions over, no response. I'm sad Andrea isn't there (I too followed her on Instagram). My wedding is Oct 20th!! So I will likely see you there (we leave Sunday night). I'll let you know as many tips as I can if we see each other
  2. I am leaning towards using them OR leaving the resort to get hair and makeup to avoid fee. As for my photographer, Ivan Luckie- I am paying the $500 fee bc we feel that is the one place not to scimp one- you'll have those pictures forever. We were not remotely a fan of the resorts. We booked Ivan Luckie http://www.luckiephotography.com. We used them for our engagement photos way back and loved loved them. I also really like his journalistic style, his pictures appear as if your watching a movie or feel like you are really there. Remember when looking for photographers to find what style you both like. Each bride is different. (I didn't know styles until wedding planning ) Check his site out!
  3. @@MissAmber26 Congrats and Thanks so much for the pictures and PDFs. I am in the process of moving my wedding from the Hyatt Zilara to the Ziva! Just waiting back to see if I have to change the date. I have visited all the sites, but it was 2 years ago when Ziva was the Dreams. Now that Hyatt took over the few items I wasn't fond of should be gone! If you have any other pictures or tips please share. My wedding will be in October of 2016.
  4. I highly recommend your honeymoon at THE Royal, a real resort property. I am currently here for my site visit and we upgraded from the Gran Caribe (family resort) to their adult resort. It's absolutely stunning. Awesome pool, amazing food, great service! They have cabanas all around, beach or pool, with servers waiting on you. Clean your glasses, give frozen grapes, etc. The shows are great- like a Cirque du soleil show. Details all around . I could go on and on, You'll love it!
  5. I'm going to do site visits all next week. Paradisus Cancun has a $1000 outside vendor fee!! Insane, I've pretty much x'd them out of my choices. An outside vendor would be using a florist, photographer, videographer, etc that isn't from inside the resort or on their list of vendors. I'm def using an outside photographer so these fees matter to me. Honestly $350 is not too bad considering to use the resorts florist you'd probably pay double over Marvin's prices.
  6. I'm highly considering doing the same for our Cancun wedding tba. What is everyone doing as far as their wedding "date"? Are you considering your anniversary the day of the legal/courthouse ceremony date or the symbolic date in Mexico? Hehe- I'm a bit OCD and it's driving me crazy to decided which date to choose and accepting it's just easier to do the legal at home in FL before Mexico.
  7. These look awesome! Thanks for the detailed explanation and pic. This is super helpful! I'll be checking out Dreams Cancun next week (along with Gran Caribe Real & Beach Palace). Soon after I return I need to get working on details
  8. Linds1204- thanks for feedback. I have already contact and spoken with Wendy from Wright, I'll definitely be using once we secure a location. We are going to visit Oct 12-19th, have the flight, just trying to decide where we want to stay. My top 3 resorts are Palace (beach, moon or sun), Gran Caribe/The Royal, and Paridusus Cancun. I'm thinking well stay 3 nights at Gran Caribe and 4 nights at one of the palace Resorts... Just can't decide which one. I'm leaning towards Sun since its adults only!! However my FI has a 6yr old so for wedding stay it will have to be a kid resort. One reason I like Royal/Caribe bc families can stay one and couples or luxury at other and just walk to visit.
  9. I'll be at the Palace resort for a sit visit during your wedding . Which location did you choose for ceremony and reception?
  10. Linds2014 Which resort where you initially booked at and cancelled due to outside vendors?
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