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@ That sounds delicious!  Have you thought of adding half a large avocado (or one small) for some healthy fats?  It will help control hunger and gives it a bit of a creamy taste.

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Struggling here.  I had a perfect day on Tuesday, then Wednesday I caved and got a shwarma.  There are worse things in life to splurge on I guess.  Not keeping things totally in check, but at least still holding on to the reins.

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I know it's tough, but remember moderation! as you said, it is not the worse you could have had.

Take a peak on the calories in a shwarma, it really isn't that bad!!! 400-500 calories depending on meat.  


You are aware of what you are doing so that is awesome!  Keep plugging away.

It's when we aren't accountable and then it just gets away from us :) 

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Okay.  So I should tell you that I just ate a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese combo.  :lol:


hahahah no! I don't even want to look up the calories on that :P  

Just have a very sensible dinner :)

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I'll probably just have a couple of sensible snacks to roll out the day.  I find when I don't get to eat my lunch at a regular time, that's when I start making bad choices.  Late afternoon lunches have danger written all over them.  Planning is key!

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I agree 100%!!! Or when I'm starving I eat way more than I should.

I had to change my whole daily routine when I started a casual job with odd hours. I was eating bad because I wasn't adjusted to the odd schedule and lack of breaks. What worked for me was a snack at breakfast and breakfast at my regular snack time. Made the long stretch to a break bearable.



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So it's been two weeks since this group started and this week was not my best in terms of eating. We went away during the weekend on a family camping trip and it was carb overload. I confess that a whole bag of marshmallows was annihilated by my nephew and I (I apparently have no self-control when it comes to roasted marshmallows). Then we all did copious amounts of tequila shots. As a result, my stomach was not happy with me and I could not keep anything down from Sunday to Tuesday. Despite all that, I still managed to put in a solid effort at bootcamp yesterday and Pilates tonight. So at least I ended it on a good note.


This week will be another bad weekend. My stagette is this Saturday So basically it will be a lot of drinking! I'm so excited and will keep you all posted. To make up for it, I intend on working out 4x next week (bootcamp on Monday and Wednesday, then Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday). I'm also going to try to make healthier meals, inspired by @@yycbride2016, @@deecol and @


In terms of wedding planning, this week I bought my last bridesmaid's dress! Woohoo, they're all done. And I bought my nephew/ring bearer's outfit. As soon as it arrives, I will post it on my thread. My goal is to now find Derrick's outfit! Wish us luck

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I totally missed this thread until tonight. Okay, here goes:


My name is Ashley and I'm 29 years old. I'm getting married June 7th, 2016 at Azul Fives. I was my heaviest in my third and fourth year of university (approximately 15lbs more than I am now). I attribute that to my poor food choices and my overindulgence in fun activities. That was in 2008-2009.


Currently I play hockey year round (one night a week) and baseball in the summers (also one night a week). My fiancé loves the gym and convinced me to sign up just over a year ago. Up until 2 months ago we would go to the gym together anywhere between 3 and 5 times per week for anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I use an app called JeFit and alternate through their thousands of workout plans because without that I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing at a gym.


For me being active at sports or the gym does not keep me fit; it is only when I watch what I eat that I see the difference in my body. My fitness pal had me on a 1200 calorie eating plan. I saw changes in my body that I loved in no time. I'm clearly writing here because I quit MFP. It works and it works well but I lost the motivation.


With us both getting promoted and buying a new house I have completely fallen off. Fallen off from the gym and from MFP.


At this point I am content with the number I see on the scale. My goal is to tighten up and feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be married in Mexico feeling amazing in my dress and I want to feel comfortable walking around my friends and family in my bikini.


My weaknesses: Coke Zero (I drink it like it is water)

My goal: Tighten up

My plan: Get back to the gym. Sign up for classes with a friend (accountability). Maybe classes will get me more excited to work out? Start using MFP again. Skate my ass off every week at hockey. Drink water NOT coke zero. Stop eating McDonalds once a week (omg I love McDonalds). Get more sleep (better sleep schedule). Meal prep every Sunday.


I thought with our wedding around the corner I'd be more motivated than ever. That has not been the case. I thought buying my wedding dress would get me on track but that was two weeks ago and I haven't been to the gym once.


Is there hope for me? lol I sure hope so!

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Good Morning and Happy Friday Ladies!!!


Okay.  So I should tell you that I just ate a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese combo.  :lol:

@@JoannaBanana You crack me up!


@@Wafflesmom I think we can all forgive you for not being able to eat the healthiest lately with the power outage, camping and your stagette coming up!  It's all about balance - and with your workout and eating goals for next week you sound like you'll do amazing.


@@ashhtayy Of course there's hope!!! You're over 8 months out with lots of time. You've identified the areas where your diet and exercise are lacking and know what you need to do.  I'd say switching out your coke for water is huge, and definitely giving up the McDonalds - it can be your treat meal once a week instead.  Get it girl!!!


@ I've never been a pop drinker so I probably don't understand the love for it, I just know that if they are taking out all the calories and sugar, they are replacing it with something else - something that is foreign to your body and your body won't know what to do with it, which will turn it to fat... Just what I've heard, and you've probably heard all the negatives about pop as well, don't shoot the messenger!  :)


And now my turn... so I've had the flu for about 5 days (I have the immunity of a newborn) and while I didn't eat very much what I did have weren't the greatest of choices because when I'm sick I want comfort food - mac n' cheese, lipton chicken noodle soup, crackers... so I lost about a lb after all was said and done.  I'm feeling 110% now and ready to attack!  I went to spin this morning and fueled after with the white of a hard boiled egg, 2 oz of turkey and a smoothie ( 1/2 green apple, handful spinach, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/3 cup greek yogurt, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1/2 tsp flax seed, 1/2 cup lemon juice and a big spoon of coconut oil because my avocados weren't ripe enough yet).


Fitness Goals for the upcoming week (today to Friday):

  • Spin 4 times, weights 5 times.  I bought a 60-day Hiitmax program to incorporate into my workouts - it consists of 3 days a week of 20 min hiit workouts with cardio days inbetween, the hiit days are M, W, F but because of the spin schedule I may move to Tu, Th, Sat.  Colin says he's going to do it with me - but I don't fully believe him, he's the worst gym buddy ever.  We're taking measurements on Sunday to see how we do at the end of the 60 days
  • My Zia (Aunt in Italian) has invited us for lunch on Sunday, and if you know Italians... this will obviously be my treat meal and I will do a heavy glute/leg workout that evening (if I'm not too full) or the next day before/after spin.  It's always good to work a larger muscle (legs or back) after a cheat meal
  • Meal prep Sunday and Wednesday
  • I'm seeing a girlfriend tonight, I'm not drinking mostly because I'm afraid to get sick again (I get sick 70% of the time after I drink... it's weird) and she's preparing apps.  Old me would eat dinner at home and then go to hers, with a couple bottles of wine, snacks and continue eating.  New, mentally focused me is eating well through the day, skipping dinner and eating a moderate amount of apps with no vino
  • My girlfriend's dirty 30 is on Oct 3rd - I plan to be at least 5 lbs lighter by then, there will be some friends I haven't seen in a while and I want to look great, I don't typically care about weight but I want to break out of this number I'm hovering around

Wedding Planning Goals:

  • Start loading our music onto the wedding app, we are about 7 1/2 months out but the sooner I can be prepared the better
  • Colin has 4 days off next weekend is going to look at some suits (without me!) to get ideas.... he knows not to make any decisions without me, I'm just glad he's finally looking lol
  • Start my planning thread!  I may do it tomorrow if I have a spare bit of time, if not, I will start end Sept/beginning of Oct

Boom!  :D

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