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Wedding Weekend Activities

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Hi Ladies,


I'm looking for suggestions for things to do that are CHEAP!! I am expecting 30 - 40 people to come to the wedding in Cabo. The 1 thing I have so far is on Thursday (the day I've asked everyone to arrive), I want everyone to meet at one of the bars at the resort around 7 for a Welcome Mixer. Not formal or private in anyway. Just everyone meeting for drinks. I thought this would be a great way to be social on a budget. Its an all inclusive resort and since its not private, I wont have to pay for it.


I don't have any ideas for Friday, the day before the wedding. Maybe a beach or pool day? There is no wedding party so I dont have to pay for a rehearsal dinner. Or maybe have the ladies and guys split up for the evening and have a semi bachlorette / bachelor party?  Do you think people will expect me to have things planned for them to do?


Any ideas are appreciated!




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There have been a few discussions around the site about this and it seems that a lot of the ladies are saying that guests don't seem to expect you to occupy their time. It's their vacation too after all. Having said that, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of things organized but definitely make it optional. That way if people want to just lie on the beach or by the pool, they can without feeling like they have to do something they don't want to do.


As to cheap - I don't know. I've been to Cabo twice and loved it but we were just two so multiplying what we did by 30 to 40 might not be so cheap! We did the whale watching cruise but maybe you could offer to pay half for your guests instead of the whole amount? Cabo is a great place but I don't know that I've ever done anything cheap there! Maybe some of the other ladies might have suggestions!


Good luck!

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Our situation was a little unique because my husband is Jamaican - there was some expectation on our guests' part that he would show them some things off-resort. We did a dinner (free) and beach bonfire at the resort the night before the wedding. We also planned 2 optional excursions - a shorter one the day before the wedding and a full day 2 days after. We provided transportation but did not pay for the actual excursion for them. We had a facebook group for our guests so we created an event within the group and asked people to RSVP so we knew how many vans we needed to get people there.


We skipped some traditions (for example, we did no mailed invitations) so that we had extra room in the budget to pay for the transportation and I think our guests would agree that it was worth it!


We also spontaneously ended up taking a bunch of people for jerk one night as well - we did not pay for that but my husband coordinated everything.

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We are planning a boat excursion, but that's not cheap ;) I did read somewhere about someone planning a "Wedding Olympics" activity. I don't recall what it entailed, but I'm sure it would be fun and you could probably do it at no or low cost at the pool, on the beach or on a lawn. 

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It really depends on your group

if you have a bunch of 20 somethings or early 30s maybe they would enjoy some cards and drinking games
but if you got older folks that may not want to induldge in such behaviour (lol) then like has been said make everything optional.

We are going to a place with a water park because there are quite a few young kids including our own.


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