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Wedding Items For Sale!

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I'm starting to sort through the HUGE pile of things from the wedding.  Quite a bit is not worth shipping (due to damage/fragile/weight, etc), but here are some things that people might want!


All items are somewhat negotiable - buyer will pay exact shipping & paypal fees (it's 3% + .35) as I'll send an invoice.  It gives both buyer and seller something like 145 days of protection that way.  I ship out asap, once I've received payment.


As I find more things, I'll post them to this thread and update the bought/sold.  Feel free to ask any questions!





Ampersand Sign ($) - Photo Prop - $8

& Sign For Photos

M G504

M G501


Unused Chapstick Label Paper - 5 sheets - Avery 5163 - $3 or $1/sheet (each sheet has 10 labels, which are cut in half to make 20 chapstick)

Avery Labels For Chapstick

New Blacklight Pen for RSVPS - Use this to write numbers in black light on your rsvp cards, in case guests don't write their names on the return - $2

black light Pen

Her Captain/His First Mate Chair Signs - $20

chair signs (2)

chair signs (1)



Crystal Ribbon For DIY Projects - $3

Crystal Ribbon (1)

Crystal Ribbon (2)



Silk Flower Bouquet Holder for DIY Bouquets - $7

DIY Flower Bouquet Holder

Weddings/Destination Weddings for Dummies - FREE (just shipping)

Dummies Books

Dress Barn Beaded Silver Sandals - Says size 11M but fits closer to a 10. Couldnt' wear because of my broken foot, so still brand new.  $10

Dress Barn Starfish Beaded Sandals Size 11

Flower Girl Ball  - Will leave in shells and the ribbon on (can change out) - $5

Flower Girl Ball

Fiskars 1.5 inch hole punch - Used for door hangers - $12

Fiskars 1.5 Inch Circle Punch



Girls Size 9 Crocs - Glittered with ModPodge - $2

Girls Crocs Size 9 Glitter Modpodge (2)

Girls Crocs Size 9 Glitter Modpodge (1)

Jordan 455 White Dress - Size 14 - Used for TTD Pictures - PERFECT condition.  Good for TTD or could be used for ceremony

Jordan 455 Size 14 Bodice

Jordan 455 size 14

Jordan 455 Size 14 Tag

Jordan 455 Size 14 Ruffles


Ringbearer/Flower Girl Signs - $25 or $15/each

Kid Signs (1)

Kid Signs (2)

Small Sifter OXO Good Grips 3-Inch Mini Strainer - Used to sift sand for sand ceremony - $6

Makeshift Sand Sifter



Martha Stewart Starfish Hole Punch - $12

martha stewart starfish punch

New With Tags - Blue Lace Panties - Size 7 - $5

NEW Blue lace panties size 7

Platform White "I do" Flip Flops - $15

Platform White Flip Flops I Do   Size 11 (1)

Platform White Flip Flops I Do   Size 11 (2)



RSVP Envelopes - $5

RSVP Envelops

Starfish Charms - 18 of them - $2

starfish charms   18 (2)

starfish charms   18 (1)

Wedding Ducks - $3

wedding ducks

45 feet of blue jewelry wire (12 or 14 gauge, can't find it) - was going to use for name hangers - $8

45 feet Of Jewelry Wire 12 Or 14



You can message me here on this site!  I can email pictures if needed, as well!







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Interested in ampersand and Chapstick labels. Do you know what shipping cost would be for me? (44026)



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@@marinah84 I'd like the flower girl ball and the hole punch for the door hangers depending on the shipping to Toronto M4k 2n8



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Interested in ampersand and Chapstick labels. Do you know what shipping cost would be for me? (44026)



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The & sign is 12"x12", so it's right on the cusp of the size for USPS.  It looks like it'll be somewhere between $4-6.




@@marinah84 I'd like the flower girl ball and the hole punch for the door hangers depending on the shipping to Toronto M4k 2n8



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I'll look into that today - the ball is 6" so will need to find a box that will work!

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@@marinah84 I'm sorry to do this but I just found out my friend has the same hole punch she said I could borrow and it doesn't seem worth it just for the ball... Hopefully someone else will be interested.... Sorry



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hi there

i would like the wedding for dummies books

i need all the help i can get

have paypal?

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