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  1. @@amyzig2 I did tervis tumblers! I know they are a little pricy but I got them all when they were on sale. They all held up really well traveling as well. I didn't have any break
  2. @@Janjin they had plain white sheers that were just in the front. I'll have to try and find a pic if I have one so I can show you!
  3. @@Janjin I have two of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EV6EU96/ref=yo_ii_img They are in the color ivory. I actually didn't even use them, I just used what they had there. I will sell these to you for $20 for both? Lemme know! These are the ones everyone was recommending are the right size.
  4. okay okay better late than never to write my review! So me and my husband (so crazy to say that now!) arrived on Tuesday June 23rd. once we arrived they took our bags and had us take a seat in the lobby and then we were taken to our personal concierge by the premium building. It was super easy checking in and we got to pick what type of pillows we wanted and even the aromatherapy we wanted for our room. We were not upgraded but a lot of our guests were! Some paid to upgrade to the premium section and my best friend even got upgraded to the Honeymoon suite which was hilarious because her name is Amanda as well and they thought she was the bride haha! I went to the spa on Wednesday and it was amazing! I highly recommend doing this while you are there! Also wear your bathing suit because they have little whirlpools that you can relax in before your massage. we met with our wedding coordinator on Thursday June 25th and they went over EVERY detail of the wedding. mind you I didn't have a crazy amount of stuff picked out (IE the song i was gonna walk down the isle to or what we would leave the ceremony too) but they had great suggestions and made it easy to decide. For my set up fee I was only charged $120. Ill attach pictures later this evening when they are all finished uploading to my computer but i didn't have too many decorations but they made it perfect! Our welcome dinner was that night and it was originally scheduled to be in Spoons but at the meeting they told me there was another event being held there so they had to move it to the Zocolo terrace at the Mexican restaurant. At first I was a little bummed but when we showed up that evening, it was perfect and I actually wish I would have chosen it from the start! They had tables of 10 set up and had mango margaritas at everyone's places. The food was AWESOME. I loved it and had so many people come up to me saying they loved it as well and were surprised! My grandmother is gluten free and they even made a special soup and dessert for her. The waiters we had that night were awesome as well, very professional and very sweet! Our wedding day! (June 26th) So we hung out in the pool most of the morning and got breakfast and around 2pm I started getting ready. This is my only regret, I wish I would have given myself more time to get ready. My ceremony was at 5! My sister in law did my hair and I did my own makeup. But I felt rushed and didn't get as many pictures beforehand as much as I wished I did so i definitely recommend giving yourself enough time so you don't feel rushed! Janet and Laura (our wedding coordinators, who were absolutely amazing!) made the whole day and night stress-free! The ceremony was on the beach and was really lovely! But after our wedding while the guests were waiting to go to cocktail hour, workers started painting the ramp that goes from the resort to the beach. I thought this was a little unprofessional and wondered why they were doing it immediately after our wedding.. just a little strange but oh well. We took a bunch of pictures on the beach. Our photographers were my mother and father in law (they have been wedding photographers for over 30 years!) One pretty big disappointment i did have was that the pier was closed and you could not take pictures on it.. i'm not sure if that is because of the seaweed or if it was broken or what but i did have my hopes up that we could take pictures there and we couldn't The seaweed was pretty bad and a little smelly but they have workers ALL DAY trying to clean it up. Our cocktail hour was down on the beach and was good as well they had good little bites and the drinks were great. At 7 our reception started. We chose DJ all music and I highly highly recommend this! We were on the fence about even getting a DJ and thought we could do the sound system with our iPod but I am SO happy we went with the DJ. We had the BBQ deluxe for dinner and I thought it was SO good!! Lots of variety! They had specialty drinks at everyone's seats (I didn't even ask for this) and it was delicious! We cut our cake, we got the small 2 person cake for us to cut which they somehow cut into 30 pieces (we had 28 guests) so everyone got a slice. Once we cut the cake the party started! I honestly did not sit down from the minute the dinner ended til the end of the reception. We danced ALL night!! I had the time of my life and so did the rest of our guests! Another regret I have is that I didn't get to eat any of the dessert! They had put it out after we cut our cake and no one really knew it was out so not many people got any. I also wish i asked them to pack up a little bit of the cake for us to put in our room for afterwards. The only bit of the cake that I tasted was when me and my husband fed each other! But the music was awesome, they played a bunch of our songs that we put on our list and even mixed in some others to keep everyone dancing and having a good time! I didnt notice this but my husband did, he was at the bar getting a drink and noticed they were making the drinks with mostly water and not much alcohol so he had to say something to the bartender like hey more alcohol but after that the drinks were pretty strong so it was resolved straight away. Also with DJ all music we were supposed to get like bubbles and glow sticks and balloons. We noticed this about halfway through and asked and all we got were the balloons. Dont get me wrong it was still an amazing party and i wouldn't change a thing it was just a little strange that we had to ask to get the things we thought were included. We all went to the mojito lounge after and hung out more! When we went back to our room they had rose petals all over the floor and bed and had the Jacuzzi filled with a piping hot bubble bath!! The next morning was our honeymoon breakfast and it was so good! They delivered it right to our room and set it all up! That day we just spent by the pool with all our guests! Sorry this was so long!! I honestly though had everyone come up to me saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to and that the food was amazing! We still have people talking about when we can all go back to Mexico! Also I had my aunt come up to me, shes been to a lot of all-inclusives and resorts all around the Caribbean and said that Azul Sensatori was the absolute she has ever been to!!! Overall we stayed 10 days and I wish we stayed more! I had so much fun and the staff was so friendly and so clean!! they are always cleaning and making the place spotless. Also I recommend staying in the premium section because the premium pool is amazing! The pool attendants and pool butlers were so nice and remembered my name after the 3rd day! You can tell they are truly happy doing what they do which is nice! Also I wouldnt stress over anything! once you get there they honestly take care of EVERYTHING and make everything perfect! I would recommend this place to everyone and ladies who are getting married here congrats! because it is so beautiful and i wish i could go back and do it it again because it was so much fun!!
  5. I just got back from mexico yesterday from my wedding on friday 6/26!! I am trying to get everything all back together and will post a review asap! it was absolutely perfect!
  6. @@LaurenR ah so exciting!!! I leave Tuesday! Can't wait to hear about it!!! And can't wait to be there!
  7. I know this is probay a silly question but I'm starting to pack ( I leave next week!!) and was wondering if I need to bring my own beach towels?? Does the resort provide them as well? What did you ladies do??
  8. Did the ampersand sell?! @@marinah84 if not I'd be interested!
  9. @@linaco80 Thank you so much for posting this!!!! You look gorgeous and everything looks amazing!!! I just have one question, for your reception did they have those string lights wrapped around the gazebo or did you bring those? I have seen lots of pics with wrapped like that and I love it! Just didnt know if i needed to bring them myself or not
  10. I would be interested in well if it gets to me! let me know if it is still available
  11. @@BecomingaRiggio @@LaurenR I will be down on the 23rd! My wedding is the 26th
  12. @@BecomingaRiggio I love those for the centerpieces!! Your wedding date is only 5 days before mine! I am getting so excited, but didnt know what to do for centerpieces so I was just gonna do some candles because I didnt want to have to travel with a lot of things. are you worried about having to bring them down without getting damaged?
  13. @@mrsgordoncomeondown thats exactly what I want too! but the price is outrageous!! I will still have to think about what I am going to do haha
  14. @@linaco80 THANK YOU!! did you send down your pic of what you wanted to your wedding coordinator in Miami?
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