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Help! Looking For A Good/affordable Photographer In Cancun Area

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@@TheBHolders, Our wedding is just a week apart. I went with Ivan Luckie. Just wondering who you went through. Also How is all the planning going for you. I been looking for a indoor reception information since the 10pm curfew time for the other locations seem outrageous. My family likes to party so cutting my wedding off by 10 will be an issue lol.


Sorry for my late reply. Im.not receiving updates from here anymore. I'm not sure why. I hired ivan luckie for photography and loveworkscinemas for video. Their prices are very reasonable. Our ceremony is at 5 at tucan gazebo, cocktail right after at toucan Terrace, and Reception in the ballroom. I went to a wedding in jamaica and the reception was outside, it was nice but soooooo hot. If you're looking into the ballroom, I'm told they now charge a fee depending on when you signed your contract. JUST A Heads up. Other than that planning is going. I'm working on getting my invites out soon

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