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Help! Needing A Family Friendly And Adults Only Option...

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Hey guys! We are trying to narrow down resorts for a mid to late 2015 wedding and we're feeling super overwhelmed. 


My fiance and I have no children, and have only been to adults only resorts. We'd prefer an adults only resort, but we have several friends and family members who will want to bring their kids. Which is fine, but I'd still like some of my guests that are not bringing their kids to have an adults only experience. 


So, these are the options I've found to accommodate families and adults who want a kid-free vacation:


Hard Rock Riviera Maya: has both adults only and kid friendly. However, I've seen pics and am not sure I like their beach.


Paradisus La Perla and La Esmeralda: has an adults only resort and a family resort. But, are you allowed to go back and forth between resorts? Can kids come to a wedding ceremony on the adult side?


Gran Porto/The Royal Playa Del Carmen: sister resorts - one family friendly, one adults only. Can kids come to a wedding at The Royal? Do they let couples have a wedding at Gran Porto if you're staying at The Royal?


Generations/El Dorado Royale/Casitas: same type of thing, with Generations being family friendly. Is this a good option if you have some guests wanting to stay at EDR and some at Generations? Which one can the wedding be held at, with kids at the ceremony?


Am I missing any other options? Do any of you guys have any insight on any of these resorts, or have a better idea for accommodating both families and adults who don't want kids around? 


Also, do you feel like I will be sacrificing a better wedding at a better adults only all inclusive by picking one of these resorts?


Sorry for the million questions, I just have to pick a resort by January and it's so frustrating! Thanks in advance.  :)





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Hi Lauren! welcome to BDW. With EDR & Generations - you'd have your ceremony at Generations (children aren't allowed on the EDR side at all). It's a great option for those that prefer an adults only stay and some with families. Both resorts (well, 3 really - EDR, EDCR and Generations) are amazing. 


There are other family friendly resorts that have adults only sections within them like Hard Rock. Azul Sensatori is one that I'm familiar with. 


here are some links to the Karisma resort threads here on BDW: 

Official EDR/EDCR thread - lots of details about EDR/EDCR & wedding planning there

El Dorado Brides - info from past & current EDR/EDCR brides


Generations RM brides - info from GRM brides


Official Azul Sensatori Thread - lots of details about AS & planning a wedding there

Azul Sensatori Brides - info from past & current AS brides


The quality of your wedding isn't sacrificed by family friendly vs. adults only resort. Either way it'll be beautiful. The main difference is whether or not there are kids around. 


Are you working with a travel agent? If not, I'd highly recommend it. They can help you understand your choices and narrow them down based on what you need for your wedding. The ladies at Wright Travel are experts in destination weddings, and they know the RM resorts very well. Highly recommend them! There's a link to their reviews in my signature, and you can easily contact them for help. 


HTH! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. I know EDR/EDCR very well. 




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@@LaurenC3432 We were in sort of the same position--I would have loved an adults-only resort, but we have a few little cousins and a nephew coming, so we needed a family-friendly option.


My wedding is at the Now Jade in the Riviera Maya, where I've vacationed several times.  There's a family pool as well  as an adults-only pool on the other side of resort (and they really enforce it--they swoop down and kick kids out surprisingly fast!)  It's a great compromise for us--you still definitely get the adults-only feel, but can walk right to the other side of the resort if you want to be on the kid-friendly side.


My FI and I are moving over to an adults only resort for three nights once our families and friends are gone too, so we get a little taste of both :)

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We can definitely help narrow down the choices for you.  We are a top agency with all of the resorts you mentioned and have some exclusives that are not available to most agencies.


Regarding Hard Rock, we have a few $3000 wedding package to giveaway.


Regarding Generations, we have upgrades, spa and dinner certs.


This is in addition to the normal group amenities.

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