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So I got my wedding invites in! I'm in love with them! Anyone looking to make a purchase... check out lavender paperie. I found them on Etsy. It was my first etsy purchase. I spend weeks searching various invitation websites and had almost given up when I found Lavender Paperie. They were quick to respond, customized my order, walked me through the process, and were so sweet and understanding with all of my questions/confusion/requests. The best part was, I got to interact with a  real life person, instead of typing my requests into a text box and hoping that someone/something somewhere understood what I wanted. They are a little expensive and took a couple months to be made but they are PERFECT. I'm not posting pictures because I don't want to reveal ALL my personal details but trust me when I say, they look exactly like the ones on their website.

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it's always nice to hear when someone is happy with what they bought! and thanks for the "recommend" too!!!

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