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Hello ladies,


I have a question out there for Grand Sunset Princess past brides/future brides.


I have been looking into booking my wedding at this gorgeous hotel for 2015.  I noticed that there is the Sunset Gazebo (part of the Chillout area) & the Riviera Gazebo which is located centrally on the beach.  Can anyone give me more information or details on the Ocean Front location.   I can't seem to find any information or pictures or pricing.  I'm curious and would love to consider it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated and pictures!  :)



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There are quite a few threads for this resort and I know this is something that has gone back and forth with brides. Here is one thread, but I recommend you do a search in the forums bar and you'll get several links. It will mean doing some reading, which is definitely one of the things to do with this site, but you'll get so much more information that way!




Good luck and happy planning!

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Thanks @@acw271011


Thanks for the link!  I have read through tons of links but finally I found the information I was looking for through a photographer site!

Dean Sanderson Weddings Photography.  Love his work and will def. consider them.  The link below shows the Ocean Front beach set up.  Yay, I finally got to see it!

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