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Post-Wedding Sale

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We had a PERFECT wedding!

We brought a lot of our own stuff (anyone else notice how they charge you an arm and a leg just to rent stuff!) and now we need to get rid of it all.


See pics for details.

All items would be shipped from Kitchener On, Canada. Please msg me for rates (I've looked into a few and they can be fairly cheap if you select the 5 day shipping.


1. 50 Chair sashes.

These turned out beautiful - see pics from actual wedding. good quality - sewn edges so no fraying. 

25 yellow 25 royal blue.

They are very wrinkly (WC just threw them in a bag post wedding) but I checked them all - still in great condition just need to be steamed to get wrinkles out (maybe iron or dryer would even work? not sure!)

$40 for all 50 (+ shipping). 


2.8 plastic vases - great for travelling - if you're doing your own centre pieces you don't have to worry about being over weight or them breaking in your luggage!!! I used them as my centrepices & table numbers!!! 5 have numbers added (2 sides of vase) using silhouette vinyl - can easily  be removed and 1 has Mr & Mrs (one side) as it was used at our sweetheart table. tables 1-5 + 1 sweetheart table (see pic - Mr & Mrs) + 2 blank vases

See images

$30 for all 8 (+ shipping).  $5 for the clear LED underwater lights (8). 


3. Foam flowers

these flowers are great for crafts. I wanted to make pomander balls - sort of ran out of time. 1 was made (see image) and then I have 38 more yellow flowers and 40 orange/peach flowers (image makes them look pink, they're not). 

$30 for 1 pomander ball + 78 + foam flowers (+shipping)post-271696-0-41040700-1402956641_thumb.jpg



please message with any questions



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Please send me pics via email. I am unable to download bc I haven't reached 150 posts yet ugh!



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updated prices!! 


Chair sashes $30 + shipping

Vases + lights $25 + shipping

Flowers $20+shipping 


moving in 4 weeks, want this stuff gone!! 

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Where did you buy the cases from originally? I'll be needing more then 5 but having a hard time finding plastic

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The vases? I have 8 for sale.

I think they're from Afloral 

Hi Lynsey, I emailed the pics a while ago (when you first asked) did you not get them? 

Can you please email me pictures lynsey_lou@hotmail.com

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