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My boarding pass STDs are finished, so I thought I would post them for everyone to see! My fiancé and I recruited the best man and his girlfriend to help make them. Overall it took the four of us about 4 hours to cut, assemble and address them. We used a paper cutter, and a corner cutter for the majority of the cuts, but could also get away with just using scissors if we cut carefully. We got our STDs printed, as we didn't want to deal with printing them ourselves.


IMG 0714   Copy

I also made a folder for the save the date, but the file it too large to post on here. If anyone is interested I can send them the picture of it.
One piece of advice I didn't even think of which making them is the "Passenger receipt 1 of 1". We had one guest comment that they wish they got their own as it said 1 of 1 and we gave them out to couples. It was very trivial, but I didn't even think of it while making it.

To make the STDs I used corel draw, as I use it at work and am familiar with it. I also tried it our in PowerPoint but wasn't as happy with the results.


If anyone wants instructions I can probably piece some together.

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