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  1. I had to pay the vendor fee, although I did get married at the Majestic. Just had the reception at the Kukua..kind of disappointing to spend that money, but they do have a close relationship with the video/photograpthers and definitely know who's who. I'd probably suggest shopping around - you could always stage pictures as well at Kukua (just a thought). Good luck!
  2. @@BusyBee280 My friend got married in the Mayan Riviera in October 2013, and didn't have any problems with the border either!
  3. Make sure you fill it right to the top! We had a vase, and we filled it with sand and then I had brought hockey tape down. Taped it down really well, and we carried it on with us. They questioned us at Dominican customs but we really didnt have any problems. When we got home we just removed a bit of the sand from the top!
  4. I've stayed at the Majestic twice, and have not been sick. There were some people during the two separate trips that got sick, and they were all self-induced. A few of my friends had been on the Greco diet, and after two days of being down south got very, very sick, however it was such a shock to their systems to have alcohol and fried foods again. All in what you choose to eat!
  5. I used a lady from Ottawa who partners with Luxe Destination weddings, and the experience was perfect. Very easy to plan and coordinate a large group of people!
  6. I got married at 4 in March, and it was perfect! 2 pm is really warm, and the sun is at it's hottest. Just depends on what you want! Anything in the morning would feel very rushed for makeup, hair, pictures, and getting dressed and organized.
  7. Majestic Colonial and Elegance are wonderful! Grounds are beautiful, the wedding team is very experienced, and they make you feel so special=)
  8. Hey guys! Sorry I am so late in responding, I was away this weekend! You can check out my wedding trailer if you'd like, its http://youtu.be/_ZDn-Io2FRw At around the 6:25 mark is where you can really see Kukua! The beginning of the video as well, but that is when the party is really going =) First off, I just want to let any future brides know that if you are thinking of booking here, do NOT think twice. My new husband and I, along with our 38 guests were treated with impeccable service and warmth - never have I had better quality anywhere else. Everything was simply AMAZING!!!! Communication with Bego was very easy; everything is done through email, and she is very welcoming with pictures and ideas. Response time was perfect, and I did not have to wait longer than a few days for any of my answers. During the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding, response time was within hours. My husband and I went for a tasting a couple of days before the wedding, and we were so, so impressed with Bego's organization and excitement regarding our day. She had a welcome drink waiting for us (champage sangria - amazing!!), and we sampled every item off our menu, which was octopus ceviche, natural fries, chicken ceaser salad with chicken croquettes, main course chicken & fish, and then creme brulee and cheesecake. Everything was amazing and we were so satisfied with the quailty of the delicious food and service! Bego even had our menucards and placecards all finished and decorated beautifully. Wedding day - breathtaking. As I write this review, I am getting goosebumps. The whole reception was excellent and blew us all away. Decor was more beautiful than I could have imagined, from the floating candle in the pool, to the welcome table; everything was just magical. Food was delicious, and enjoyed by all. DJ and MC, as well as the dance floor area with a cover over the small pool was so worth it!! I could go on forever about this amazing venue and restaurant...One thing that stood out the most was the attentiveness of the staff and servers. They are simply the best. Whenever a guest's drink was near empty, someone was there to replenish it with whatever they wanted, both at dinner and during the dance. To all future brides - if you are lucky enough to have your wedding day available at Kukua Beach Club, book and don't think twice!!! Your day will be one that you will cherish forever. This is my review from Trip Advisor =)
  9. Hi! I have a cottage on Wellesley Island, very close to Boldt Castle. My favorite restaurant in the area is called TI Club, theyve got amazing food and beautiful views...check out their website! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  10. Hi ladies! Back when I first got engaged, I came onto this forum to help create my dream wedding into a reality. BDW exceeded all my expectations, and since creating my first Brooch Bouquet from the inspirations of brides on this forum, I have learned that this is a true passion of mine. I would like to introduce Bling in Bloom, an online boutique customizing in unique, one-of-a-kind brooch bouquets. Fully hand crafted, these bouquets are perfect for the bride wanting to keep a sentimental part of her special day with her forever. Bouquets can be created with brooches from your loved ones, enabling you to walk down the aisle with an everlasting memory of those special people in your life. A floral brooch bouquet will last long after the final dance is done - what better way to preserve a part of your special day! Instagram - Blinginbloom Twitter - @blinginbloom blinginbloom@outlook.com http://www.facebook.com/blinginbloom Bling in Bloom is fully committed to creating a gorgeous, timeless bouquet - no detail is too small. Thank you for taking a look, and happy planning!!
  11. I got married here last March 2013 - best day of my life...Bego is amazing!!!!
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