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June 2015 Hair Stylist Recommendations?

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I'm getting married at Grand Palladium Jamaica in June 2015.

I have 6 bridesmaids, 1 mother of the bride, and myself who will need their hair done.


We have thin, fine hair. (Asians)  :)


Does anyone recommend a hair stylist who can do something like this??

(See attached picture)


I'm not sure if I should trust the spa at the resort... my gut says "no."






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Hi! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! This site is a great resource for planning tips and ideas and you'll find tons of information for Jamaica!


I got married in Jamaica as well and there was a make up artist that everyone was talking about and she also works with stylists. All the ladies that talked about her all recommended her, but from what I understand she books up very quickly!. Her name is Rashel Edwards. You can find her on facebook under Chasity Artistry Rashel Edwards.


Good luck and happy planning!

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Yes she does because Rashel Edwards is booked for my day and I'm 6 months away!


I just emailed Pretty Faces! I've read great things about Peter so fingers crossed!


Hope to hear from her soon and hope she's available!


Good luck!



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Hi Lisa! I'm also getting married at lady hamilton June 2015! Waiting on a confirmation for wedding date..what date do you you fly?

I was also wondering about hair stylists as my hair is very 'awkward' lol. It's so exciting to see someone else planning their wedding for the same time and place! Congratulations!

Katie x

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