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  1. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone can help me..I have been in contact with Diana Campbell from digital memories photography and just wondered if any if you have chosen them or know anyone who has? I've spoken to my travel agent about sending a deposit but they advised me to check it out first and make sure they are a reputable company. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thankyou Katie x
  2. I am VERY excited to be going back! can't wait to be back by the adult pool or down by the beach :) or dancing on an evening! We booked ours through a travel agent here in the uk at the beginning of July so waiting to hear on an exact wedding date and to get an email address for one of the wedding planners. We are going with the gazebo because that's where he proposed and as you will know it's very nice and private. Looking at the cocktail hour after that and then meal in restaurant I think. Sorted a reception out for when we get home. How about you? And have you booked or looked at booking anyone for hair and makeup? X Hi Deanine! I am also looking for reviews on the spa hair and makeup service but can't find any. The hotel charges you a rediculous amount of around 300usd to bring a vendor into the hotel. A lot of makeup artists around jamaica use airbrush which looks great but I don't know what they use in the spa..if you find out please let me know won't you how are your plans coming along? And congratulations!! Katie x
  3. Hi futuremrsmichaud! I have also been to the lady hamilton in 2012..it's where my fiancé proposed to me we loved it so much it seemed only right to get married there. You guys will be out there before us..how is your planning going? I've not got anything sorted as yet..apart from my dress lol Katie x
  4. Hi dasha88! Great review..I'm getting married at the gplh June 2015. We went on holiday there in 2012 and got engaged in the gazebo so reeeeally reeeeeally want the wedding there..I'll make sure I tell them lol. I just wanted to ask you about the spa. I was thinking of using them for my hair and makeup but can't really find any reviews about them. There are a few ladies out of the resort that do this and use air brush so im unsure on what to choose really. Also..can't see your attached photo as my 'post count isn't at 150' lol. Katie x
  5. Hi everyone. I am getting married at the grand palladium lady hamilton in June 2015 and wondered if anyone can shed any light on what the hair stylists are like in the spa? Thanks x
  6. Hi Lisa! I'm also getting married at lady hamilton June 2015! Waiting on a confirmation for wedding date..what date do you you fly? I was also wondering about hair stylists as my hair is very 'awkward' lol. It's so exciting to see someone else planning their wedding for the same time and place! Congratulations! Katie x
  7. Congratulations to you too! I've never been to Mexico..a friend of mine is getting married there July 2015 but my sure where abouts..i should tell her about this website! It's helped me make decisions already with the things others have posted..I just can't wait to get things moving good luck woth your planning aliyusha!
  8. Hi! Been browsing on here for a while but this is my first post. I'm getting married at the lady hamilton in June 2015..wedding date still to be confirmed..and was wondering if there are any more of you out there?! Would be so helpful to discuss things with others Katie x