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@@jasstz Thanks!


What company are you going through for your catamaran? I've seen some mention of vendors on here that will do 2 hours for $900 for up to 40 people and it includes appetizers and open bar or something like that. That still may be out of my price range but I thought I'd still look into it.


I thought the s'mores party would be a nice casual idea for the welcome cocktail the evening everyone gets there or the day after so everyone can mingle. I'm expecting 20-30 people so that doesn't seem too bad.

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I booked though destination weddings, and after I booked i realized there was this promotion for the boat i qualifyed for. So I spoke with the TA and booked it for free. My group for the Catamaran is around the same as yours, so i am happy to pay that.

The Smoores was a bit better than any of the Cocktail options and Azul, and felt much more original to me, so we are doing it the day everyone arrives, which helps as an ice breaker as a lot of our guests have never met each other. I am excited about the beachy feel, and I get to do some celebration on the beach, but not the actual reception which i wanted to do on the open yet with covered space, so I am doing Blue terrace.

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Congratulations ladies!! I LOVE the catamaran idea!! That's such a nice day trip for guests. Has anyone heard of a bonfire that they do? I'm thinking of doing that for a welcome dinner. We're booked for next January but we don't know how many people yet. As far as the nickel and diming of everything, I have seen that on all of the blogs about them and have been privy to that myself a bit so I'm trying to figure out a way around that. I saw someone say that instead of having the OOT bags placed in people's rooms, they sent out an itinerary ahead of time (while they were still back home) that told them when and where to meet on a specific day (like welcome dinner night for example) and they handed them out there.


Regarding reception decor, if you fit the requirement for Blue Terrace, they have the linens and everything all set up already so you're not paying out of pocket for that. I also don't want to waste money on Lomas' flower package so I'm thinking of bringing lots of votives with me and maybe doing a real touch centerpiece.  Not sure yet. I'm still scouring for ideas online. I have some time though :)

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Hello Ladies;


Where have you booked or planning to book the Catamaran boat and the s'mores party?


Can you please share a link to where to get the information...


Thank you very much!

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Information for the smores party. Got this file from my WC:



If you need something exciting and fun at the same time?, then gather your Family and Friends around a bonfire and let magic moment begins.



Invitation for all group members upon arrival
Marshmallow roast on the Beach
Premium beverages service



TIME OF THE EVENT:  6pm - 8 pm

HOW MANY PEOPLE: Minimum required  12, Maximum 60


Personalized shirts, hats, beach bags, traditional Mexican sweets and souvenirs
Photo and video (Private Family Photo Shoot)
Live music (Mariachi, Mexican Trio, Guitar Player or Live band
Additional Time
Grilled Smores on the Beach
Fondues: White Chocolate & Dark Chocolate
Toppings: Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango-Ginger, Apple-Cinnamon, Papaya, Prune, Muesli-Pears and Honey-Banana

$ 15.00 USD per person


Tax included, Children up to 3 years old no charge

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@@lordleon, I am just in the beginning stages, haven't booked anything yet. I can't remember where I first heard of the s'more party but it was on an Azul forum, if you search for "s'more party" it should bring up several posts about it.


@@jasstz I agree the s'more party is cheaper and much more original. Thank you for the info!


@@ng2015 - I agree with the OOT bags, I refuse to be charge $4 per bag to have the hotel deliver them when I can just hand them to everyone myself!


Thanks ladies!

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@jasstz @KaraEbeth @@talicea7812


Thank you so much for your replies and advice! I am becoming aware of the crazy outside vendor fee's, but plan on going with a DJ and Photographer from Lomas to avoid the fees. It seems like Lomas doesn't have the best selection, and is very expensive, but it might be better than paying the outside vendor fee.


Also, I will probably just do a very basic floral centerpiece from Lomas, maybe a single daisy or something in a vase that I will provide, and will just be going with white linens and keeping everything pretty basic. I am a graphic designer, so will definitely be adding little touches, but the location of a beach for a reception will be beautiful enough, I don't want to overdo it with a bunch of overpriced decor. I'm not having a wedding party - so that will save the costs of bouquets. I am just going to have a maid of honor and best man. 


Is anyone else just going with a photographer or DJ from Lomas? 


I am meeting with my travel agent on Saturday to look over everything, and hopefully will book a date at Azul Beach soon!


Please keep me updated on your research and plans, this is the best free resource that I have found! 


Much appreciated!






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Hi Ladies....

so ive made repeated posts about the nickel and diming at Azul & the terrible selection at Lomas.


I've decided to explore other options and I'm looking into other venues in the cancun area.  Now, at this point im not sure if I am going to switch the reception to somewhere off the resort...but I have come across an adorable restaurant called Hacienda Sisal.  You should google it and check out the pics.  Its an authentic Mexican restaurant with really good prices for group events.  One of the menu's they sent me works out to be about the same price as what I would pay at Azul. 


I'm seriously considering going here.  I'm the last of my friends to get married so I think it might be fun and different to switch gears and give everyone the authentic Mexican experience. As of now im still in the questioning phase...but I have a feeling the issues like decorating and ridiculous fees won't come into play here.  Plus I will be able to choose my own vendors for cake, decorations (or bring my own) flowers, etc. 


Ive attached a picture of the room at Sisal.  there are a couple others but I really love this one.


We'll see what happens :)


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