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  1. I am selling miscellaneous items left over from my wedding. All of this I ended up not using. Prices are listed below. Shipping and handling will be calculated depending on your location. 3 natural starfish aprox. 7 inches in diameter - $15 2 glass starfish one large and one small - $20 10 3/4 yds. sheer organza in ivory/off white - $10 108 white 10-hour votives, never used - $20
  2. Hey @@talicea7812 glad to hear you're doing well? What did you name your baby? Can't believe we're all married now! Noelle and I started using the Azul bride Facebook page I dont get on here too much anymore but need to sit down one day and actually finish my thread!
  3. @@alwalters625 since the first 10 days are the cleanse phase you want to drink water anyways to flush out all of the toxins in your body. It also helps get rid of more water weight! If anyone has any more questions let me know, I'm a distributor but don't really actively sell the products, just do it more for my personal use!
  4. @@talicea7812 that actually helps a lot thank you! The bar inside the restaurant doesn't bother me but i don't like the idea of the dancing being in a separate room but this should work. Did you have people sitting on both sides of the table or everyone facing the dance floor? Did they charge you extra for the tables to be like this? We are having right around 30 I think so unless people drop out she said I can't have the BBQ deluxe package for over 25 ppl at that location. Blah blah you know how the offsite WC are. How is the pregnancy and married life going? When are you due?
  5. @@amyeprice77 I saw you had your reception at Chill terrace, that's where we wanted ours but our coordinator said no if it was over 30 people, did they allow you to go a couple people over? How did everything go? What food did you choose for yor reception? We were set on the BBQ deluxe and our coordinator is now letting us know since that's a buffet option we can't have over 25 people. Was there room for dancing on the terrace? She is also telling me we would have to have dancing inside the restaurant and the terrace would just be for eating??? Sorry for all the questions!
  6. @@talicea7812 hoping you can clear things up for me! I wanted to do our reception at Chill Terrace and my WC keeps saying if we do a plated or family style dinner there it is 30 ppl max and you eat on the terrace and the dancing can take place inside (which I thought this whole restaurant was open air) so I asked for clarification and she sent me these pics.....what is she talking about dancing taking place inside the restaurant? I didn't want to be seperated from our tables I wanted it all to be in one room. She said these are pics of the inside. I know you had your reception there so I was h
  7. As long as you stick to the meal plans and drink LOTS of water you should be good. If you don't drink the recommended amount of water it can really damage your kidneys, I know two girls that ended up in the hospital because they were so dehydrated.
  8. Good ideas! I have no clue what we are using yet... I was thinking of Coldplay - Paradise for the processional
  9. So I received a reply from my WC finally with my flower quotes from Lomas and honestly I don't even know how to read their quotes because one of the pics I sent is cut off and I don't know if their replies are for the pic above or below. Looks like I will be getting quotes from Maya Floral or going the fake route.
  10. @@kcole123 Thank you! I am going to look into them!
  11. @@kcole123 did you get these from someone on Etsy? They're gorgeous!
  12. I thought I would start a new thread because there are a lot of old ones regarding ceremony music but not a whole lot with recent posts! We haven't decided on precessional, ceremony, processional music yet...was hoping to get some ideas and see what everyone else is going with?
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