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Jamaica Wedding Photos - Diana Campbell - www.digitalmemoriescollection.com

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We had our wedding on 11/11/13 and were fortunate to hear about Diana Campbell THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING! We stayed at Couples Swept Away and were going to use their photographers, but when we heard they charge $600 for a DVD and $20 per picture and only got 1 hour with the photographer, we decided to look elsewhere.  WE ARE GLAD WE DID.  Our wedding was at 2 P.M. and Diana (and her son Richard) showed up at 11 A.M.  This allowed them to get pictures and videos of us each getting ready, and the bride in the salon.  They stayed with us the ENTIRE day until sunset...this included TWO 30 minute rain delays.  That alone was worth the value


Diana does the videography and Richard handles the photography, and they are both pros at what they do.  They have been doing this for years and it really shows; in fact, most of the staff at CSA knew each of them by name.  They both knew where to go for great shots at the perfect time!


We were able to meet up with DIana on 11/14/13 to take a look at the pictures.  We were very excited because we didn't know what to expect.  When we saw Diana, she had a DVD case with our name, date, and resort name to commemorate the wedding, as well as a couple of photos.  Inside, there were two discs - one for the DVD of the wedding and one of the pictures.  We first watched the DVD and were AMAZED with the quality!  For the wedding, we did a live stream that Couples set up - it was good, but this was GREAT!  Well edited to cut out the extras, and very steady camerawork.  We also found out that she is willing to post her video to YOUTUBE so one's family can watch (rather than pay the extra $500 that the resort costs).  We then looked at the photos.  In all there were about 250 pictures - some edited and some in their normal form.  We think they turned out great! Richard was able to capture all types of shots around the resort, and capped it off with great shots of sunset from beach! Wonderful!


One thing that can scare people away is that the resort charges $500 for anyone to come to the resort for pictures.  Diana is aware of the charge and includes it in her rate.  We found it be still be a far better deal. Had we got everything from the resort that we got from Digital Memories Collection it would have been - $600 extra for the time, $5000 for the pictures, and $600 for the DVD.  Completely worth it! Diana also mentioned that she is running some deals for December and January as the wedding season is slowing down.  Don't miss an opportunity to save some $$ and get some of the most amazing pictures you can imagine!  They are great people and great at what they do!  www.digitalmemoriescollection.com




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