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I found these yesterday online for $2.50-2.75. Everytime I've seen them previously, they have been $5 and up, so I wanted to post this for anyone who is still wanting to give these. I already asked all my girls, but I think I may still order some of these, and just send it with a small gift..just as a way of sort of formally asking and showing that I appreciate their saying yes. Wedding, Bridesmaids Cards and Gifts, Paper Style

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I know this is an older thread but I bought a white box put light blue and a darker blue tissue paper in it added a ring pop, 27 dresses dvd and a card I made that said 'laugh with me, cry with me, plan with me, stand with me. will you be my bridesmaid?' then I tired it up with white and ivroy ribbon and added baby blue and white butteryflies

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