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Post Wedding Items!! (Hot Pink)

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Hello ladies!!


So our special day has come and gone...and left us with some stuff.  Some of the the stuff was not used at all and the rest so lightly used that we decided to tote it all back.  Hopefully some of you can put it to good use and save some money.  Its incredible how quickly all these small items add up!  The prices below do not include shipping.  Feel free to message me with any questions! Happy Shopping!


New - 

1  Picture perfect cake topper - $20

2 (24ct) white lace cupcake holders - $6each

30  hot pink votive holders - $15

16  white votive candles - $4

3  square glass mirrors (for candles) $1each

set of 3 small nesting suitcases $20

1  hot pink garter - $5

10  Large mason jars (w. lids) - $18

12 small mason jars (w. lids) - $20

Hot pink BCBG suede flats $40


Used - 

8 Large Mason jars $12

2 small mason jars $3

20 hot pink votive holders $5

9 clear plastic easels $1 each

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do you still haev votives?

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