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  1. I just realized my add says no shipping. I will ship but buyer pays.
  2. I just for back from our wedding at the Beloved. We used Raffaele from Mayan hospitality. They were amazing and able to create the unique look we were going for at a fraction of Planner 1s cost. Ern the hotel staff commented at how amazing it looked. I will gladly email pictures and provide information to whomever is interested. Email me directly at celiday@aol.com
  3. Hello ladies!! So our special day has come and gone...and left us with some stuff. Some of the the stuff was not used at all and the rest so lightly used that we decided to tote it all back. Hopefully some of you can put it to good use and save some money. Its incredible how quickly all these small items add up! The prices below do not include shipping. Feel free to message me with any questions! Happy Shopping! New - 1 Picture perfect cake topper - $20 2 (24ct) white lace cupcake holders - $6each 30 hot pink votive holders - $15 16 white votive candles - $4 3 square glass mirrors (for candles) $1each set of 3 small nesting suitcases $20 1 hot pink garter - $5 10 Large mason jars (w. lids) - $18 12 small mason jars (w. lids) - $20 Hot pink BCBG suede flats $40 Used - 8 Large Mason jars $12 2 small mason jars $3 20 hot pink votive holders $5 9 clear plastic easels $1 each
  4. Warmth sounds good right now. Anything other than this rain and dreary fog.
  5. Hey! Congratulations! And great choice. We are getting married on June 8th, 2013 and have been back twice...we fell even more in love the second time. We just reserved our room in order to hold our date. Alejandro will send you a confirmation of the reservation. None of the other ladies I have spoken to have had any trouble with holding their date (without a contract). When you sign a contract you are responsible for a portion of all the rooms. Didn't make sense for us to do that, but I know others that have for fear of not having enough rooms available. Hope this helps.
  6. I wish that I had enough posts to see these templates. I would really appreciate a private message if anyone would be so kind Thanks Ladies!! Happy Planning
  7. Thank you so much, Susie! We just got back from there a couple of weeks ago and it is beautiful. I'm sure everything will come together. We are trying to schedule some entertainment for the day of the bonfire. We're also hoping to maybe have some sort of beach BBQ in lieu of a rehearsal dinner, any idea if this is something they can accommodate? Or if the have a way to play music during the bonfire? Maisie girl, I am trying to do the same! And you are correct, it proves a little hard with minimal information. I'll be happy to share anything I can get my hands on
  8. Susieqt - Congratulations!! So happy everything went perfectly for you. Could you please provide me with some more information about the bonfire? We too are planning that (maybe AS our rehearsal?) and as I'm sure you have already read - its a bit to receive responses from the hotel. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated! So excited to get all this planning underway!!
  9. PlayaWeddings - LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. Could you please provide pricing info? We are getting married at The Beloved on June 8, 2013!!
  10. Sandy Planner, Could you please upload the link of pictures again? I just saw your post and its past the deadline. Thanks in advance!!1 We will be going down next week and I will be more than happy to post all my pictures for the rest of you!
  11. Hi ladies! Just wanted to introduce myself. We are considering The Beloved for our wedding in May/June 2013 and will be going down at the end of this month to check it out. I am sure we have a lot of the same questions, so I will gladly share any information I can get from them. Happy Planning and Congratulations!
  12. Hey Sophia2616! Thanks so much for all this info. We are trying to plan our site visits for the end of May and I was thinking about throwing Le Reve into the mix. We are mostly looking at all inclusive resorts (to make it easier for our guests) but, I've read such good things about Le Reve. Did you happen to get any pricing information from them? I am trying to figure out if it will be in our budget before I get my hopes up... Thanks!
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