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  1. Hi Ladies we leave in 2weeks for our wedding and we are getting so excited now. However I have emailed Jazmin a few times now and not heard back which is making me nervous. I think we have most things sorted now the t shirts for all our guests just arrived and they are great and we brought some decorations for the tables at the restaurant. We sent a playlist to DJ Bob last week. I just wanted to ask Jazmin how much extra it would be to have some nibbles provided with after the ceremony does anyone know about this?? Thanks Ladies and its so great to read the past brides reviews amazing.
  2. Hi there some of my guests wanted fish instead of meat so I have said they are vegetarian. Jazmin has now asked me for their names so I will just give her a list. My mother in law only eats chicken no red meat and some just prefer fish.
  3. Hi Ladies my friend is doing our photographs and I had an email yesterday from Jazmin to clarify the tine they had to stay at the resort and she clearly stated 5days which is great cause my friends has booked 4 nights 5days so I will just take this email with me in case I have any problems. I am also getting a bit frustrated because we are having the unforgettable package and I asked for the Mexican trio to play during the recessional and then for a little bit and she has said no it has to be either during ceremony or they can do recessional but will leave straight away after that one song. If I want them to stay we have to pay extra. I think this seems unfair all these little extra costs are frustrating. I was also told no outside hair and makeup and no outside dj which I paid a deposit last year for DJ Bob and because I have an email to say he was allowed they have allowed it to happen. If not I would have been so angry I am paying 15 each person for the 3hrs of private pool side reception for 35people. Is this the same quote your getting?
  4. Hi there congratulations hope you had an amazing time. We leave 23rd march get married 2nd April at the tulum gazebo cant wait and our meal will be at the don pablo. We have 28 guests booked already and still waiting for 6more to book. I just wondered if you knew exactly how long your photographer had to stay for I was told 5days then 5nights so just want to make sure? Does anyone know where the poolside reception will be at the tulum please?
  5. I am hoping to get my friends package booked asap especially after reading the prices of arrecife its seems very expensive we certainly didnt budget for over 2000 dollars eeeek
  6. Hi Kat I am flying my friend in who is also a photographer and Jazmin said aslong as she is staying a minimum of 5days that she is allowed to take all the photos and we dont have to pay a fee. I have found a flight and 4night stay 5days for $940 and my friend loves this idea we are paying for her trip in return for full days photography wohoo I am just waiting to clarify if she means 5days or they have to stay 5nights if anyone else can clarify that would be greatly appreciated thank you
  7. Wow you must be getting so excited. Cant wait to see all your pictures I hope you have an amazing day just relax enjoy and drink lots of cocktails
  8. Hi there I just wondered if you can clarify Jazmin sent me an email asking for our 4 witnesses passports. Can the witnesses be my parents and my sister and brother in law all on my side or does the groom have to have 2 separate witnesses? Also do they just scan and sent the copies in an email to her???? Thank you I am looking to get some maracas whilst in mexico but I wanted some fans for the ladies at the ceremony has anybody found any cheap ones online
  9. Hi Kat, I was told the same thing about the ceremony time. I was told by Paloma in March a year before my wedding I had 4pm at the Tulum gazebo now Jazmin tells me its unavailable and 3pm is now our time and meal at 5 30pm like yourself I dont want guests standing around waiting. I have sent her the origianl email I recieved from Paloma ages ago stating I had 4pm so I dont know how suddenly someone else can have that time. Its very frustrating as we had ceremony at 4 dinner at 6 reception at 8 all organised.
  10. Hi Ladies I have picked surf and turf for the main for most people and then the ones who prefer fish I have said they are the vegetarians sneaky I know but they didnt want steak. I am waiting to hear back from Jazmin as she is away at the minute but she didnt tell me what the childrens menu was does anybody know? Time is flying i cant believe it. We have decided to organise a series of challenges the night before the wedding for a fun evening. Has anybody watched minute to win it? We are doing some games off the program hopefully it will be lots of fun and get all the guests together. Also we are doing the unforgettable package and I wondered if we are allowed the marichi band before the start of the meal? Thanks Ladies if anyone is interested in weight loss or improved energy or skin care please feel free to contact me or perhaps you are looking for a new buisness opportunity
  11. Hi Ladies so I also recieved my email and was dissapointed about couple of things so just wanted to clarify. My friend is doing our photos as she is a photographer in her spare time and will be staying at the resort 5 night so this is ok? Also in the unforgettable package we get so many free photos if I dont want them can I switch this for something else or put the cost towards decorations? My sister is making me a brooch bouquet as a gift so I asked if I can have 3 small bridesmaids bouquets instead of my bouquet and she said no...... I think this is bit crazy as I said I would pay the difference...... We have been given the ceremony option of 3pm has anyone managed to get it later or is this a good time? Then the meal at 5 30pm so im a bit concerned guests will be hanging around to long???? We are having a private cocktail reception and I think the cost of the lounge seating is crazy so we are just going with the high tables and chairs I hope this will look nice still. Are we able to add more decorations to the space like candles etc???? Has any past brides had the 3milk cake is it nice? Also is the surf and turf menu option nice theres nothing worse than getting a tough steak .. Thanks Ladies its getting exciting now
  12. I only got the option for tequilla restaurant or don pablo? We like the menu for the don pablo restaurnat but was going to ask about La Gran Tortuga did anyone else get this restaurant as an option? Im a bit dissapointed that all guests have to have the same set menu. I am also wondering if the reception after the meal can be extended till 11pm does anyone else know? Thanks ladies
  13. I suggest being tough!!! I was seeing all the different procing that people are being quoted and I was starting to panick and we had paid the deposit for DJ Bob. I sent her an email saying we needed to know if the prices I was quoted 6mths ago were the same if not i wasnt going to be happy and if we wasnt allowed DJ Bob anymore we would seriously have to think about weather or not we still wanted the resort. THink this worked ..........
  14. Hi there, Hope you are enjoying married life So I have been asked to pick between tequila or Dan Pablo and I see you choice Dan Pablo and you said it was amazing what menu options did you choice Kristen. Also did you only receive 2 options of restaurants? I am so excited. I think I am going to ask the marachi to play at the meal
  15. I should mention she has given me the choices of Dan Pablo or tequilla for the meal has anyone else picked these are been to them?
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