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  1. has anyone on here ordered online from storedress.com? is it too good to be true? I love this dress but scared to order without trying on :/ Help please! this one
  2. @@longsand21 I stayed there and its a nice resort….the great thing is you can walk to your right just along the beach to the Riu Negril and use their facilities as well.
  3. I heard a rumour that children cannot attend wedding ceremonies here…has anyone confirmed if this is true ?
  4. @@bethany721 I don't know if this will help in your decision but I heard the Hilton beach is VERY murky and muddy. Ive heard nothing but good things about the Iberostar, wish that one was price friendly though. Im stuck between Grand Bahia Principe and Royalton White Sands Beach Resort and Spa. Have you checked either? they seem fair in pricing and are beautiful resorts
  5. HELP PLEASE Does anyone know how much it would be in cost to add a cocktail hour to the Unforgettable package? I asked twice now through email and they keep giving me the same answer dancing around the question of "please see events manual with prices for canapés" but in the package there is no "add on's" price list…only packages. (4 including free) Does anyone know that could help me out please? Or does anyone have the "add on" price list she may be referring to?
  6. @@rednlovinit21 It is really stunning….unfortunately I went to try on dresses a few days ago and realized Im not the 4 I used to be before baby Just had a little one and am now size 6 wahhh. I couldn't even get the black panel to close over the corset back on a similar dress to this LOL
  7. Thanks so much for your review It definitely helped! We have decided on going to Jamaica...
  8. @@Just Events Do you still have: the 4 Fuchsia Paper parasols and the paper lanterns I also might be interested in the chair sashes too with pics - if you have any please send my way. please email Heather_smith@live.ca Thanks Im right near TORONTO and can pick up
  9. @@kyjanga Thanks for the tips My brother got married at Riu Negril and I think it was absolutely fantastic. I don't want to copy him for resorts though @@tinytot85 Do you know how much the packages are for the GBP? She emailed me a list but it doesnt say what each package cost. if so can you email me a list if you have one heather_smith@live.ca Thanks Any luck whittling your list down further?
  10. @@chant78 Let me know how your wedding goes if you can upon your return...Im looking into this resort for my wedding, havent booked yet but its a leader in the running for me Thanks
  11. My short list is: - Royalton White Sands Beach Resort - Grand Bahia Principe - Grand Palladium
  12. @@jamielt How was the wedding there? Are the costs expensive to hold a wedding? Congrats
  13. I think Now Jade offers it in their $2400 package for 25 ppl...there may be $20 for each additional person for dinner. @@Kaiden1215 You mentioned you were getting married at the NOW Jade....I have some questions if you dont mind. (trying to decide if this looks good for budget)... On their website their package says $2400 for the one above the complimentary pkg BUT in fine grey print below it says dinner is not included? BUT in the package it says "Private Dinner reception for 25 people" Have a look at the picture I attached....did you pay extra for dinner on top of pkg price
  14. What resort are you getting married at and what was the thing that "sealed the deal" for you selecting this resort. I THINK I want to get married at Grand Princess Riviera Maya BUT I keep thinking "Maybe there is another resort I would love even more that I haven't come across just yet". Im booking shy until I know for sure I have scoped out the perfect place for my perfect budget. This may help me check out your resorts and decide that maybe I'd like to switch it up or perhaps it may seal my deal that the Princess is right for my wedding.... Also, does your resort include a
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