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Newbie on BDW turning into a bridezilla!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Big Breath, sheresa509.......first of all, Welcome to our forum community, and Congrats on your upcoming Punta Cana wedding next July !!!


You've come to the right place for Tons of excellent info, advice + support from all the resources your fellow brides + all the vendors here provide.......so you're already off to a great start !


Everything will work out great......you'll see :) Wishing you happy research + planning, and that you have the Most Amazing Wedding Ever!!! Cheers :)







 team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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Hi Sheresa! :)

I know exactly that you mean! It's like theoretically we have plenty of time (if it was a "normal" year), but the growing list of items seems overwhelming and then another part of you wants time to speed up so that you can enjoy the big day and all of your hard work. 


My wedding planning is still in its beginning stages. I expect it to really pick up between mid-May to mid-June. 


To offer some help, there are threads about everything on here. I'm sure you can find one about the Hard Rock in PC, getting married in July 2014, etc. 


Here are a few helpful threads:


Obviously, there are loads of other threads on here. But, I thought I would help a fellow newbie out! :)  Enjoy the experience with the assistance of BDW! Hopefully you will love this website as much as I do!


If you ever need any help or advice, feel free to PM me! 


Originally Posted by sheresa509 View Post

Getting married at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana July 2014 and the stress level is increasing rapidly. So many questions and no answers or help girl_werewolf.giffeedback.gifwtf.gif

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