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  1. Hi I used my credit towards my total package, I also added hair and make up to my package Hope that helps..
  2. Omg!!!! I'm so so sorry! I thought I was on the Paradisus Palma Real forum. The Hard Rock does NOT put the site inspection cost towards the wedding. (I asked the Miami office) I am doing a site inspection in June at HRH and PPR. Only the Paradisus does that... It's okay. Lol! I kind of figured that lol
  3. I called about this, they quoted me $238.00 per night for a site inspection. I'm not sure if the monies are put towards the actual wedding date, but I'm going to ask about that as well.
  4. That would be me!!! Seems like all the brides left the forums, I haven't had a response from anyone yet. Nor have my threads appeared????????? IDK if I'm more annoyed with this website or planning my wedding
  5. Getting married at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana July 2014 and the stress level is increasing rapidly. So many questions and no answers or help
  6. Have you heard a response about the templates or anything?
  7. Hey girl Thanks for that info, can u send me the info for Caribbean Celebrations? Here's my email sheresanichol@icloud.com Thanks again
  8. I'm concerned about the same thing. Guest do not want to pay $400 a night for a wedding/vacation. SMH!!!
  9. My wedding is July 2014, I'm a train wreck. Not knowing or the fact that all I see are pics online is driving me NUTS!!! Any info you have please share Thanx
  10. Your wedding is exactly what I want for my wedding. I would love to see what you used for your brochure templates. Great Job!!!
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