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Despairing bride..please help.

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Hello, I am hoping someone out there has some experience of getting married with Real Resorts in Cancun. More specifically does anyone have any experience of Funever Photos? 


This is who my WC has said the hotel uses. If I didn't use them the hotel would charge a $350 outside vendor fee. If I wanted to bring in a photographer and someone to film for a DVD that would be a staggering amount of money for nothing really. 


Has anyone got anything positive to say about Funever Photos or any suggestions and ways to get round spending $700 before even looking at package costs?


Any help and advice would be very much appreciated!!


Deborah msncry.gif

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Welcome Debs4, and Congrats on your upcoming Cancun destination wedding!!!


We advise our wedding couples that if photography is important to them, it's best to hire a professional photographer who can deliver the best possible result  !!!

There are numerous photographers in our area who are highly skilled, trained, equipped, motivated, experienced + passionate -  to create your Wedding Day Love Story in a way that only professionals can.

This is a photo record that will not only preserve all your special wedding "moments that matter" in an artistic masterpiece, but also bring you back to that day to re-live it - every time you look at them.

Another side-benefit is that you can share what your Special Day was like - with all those who couldn't attend in person!


Here's what some of our past wedding couples had to say about their decision to hire a professional for their once-in-a-lifetime Wedding Celebration.......what wedding couples are saying about using Moments That Matter Photography to record their priceless Weddings!!!.


here's a wee sample too......


NOW Jade – Stacey & Josh ………..July 3, 2011





Awesome Photographers and worth every penny!

I can't even put into words what an amazing job Lincoln and Alfredo did in capturing and documenting my destination wedding this past July 3 @ the Now Jade Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa.

The price was a bit more then I had wanted to spend but after pouring through Lincoln's work I just knew I had to book him- because at the end of the day all we will really will have to remember our special day are the photographs. So if I was going to go a little over budget on something- photography was that area."

Sarah & Michael married at Azul Sensatori Nov 2012 said this


......." I know I will never look back at our wedding photographs and question if I picked the best photographer because you are the best. And you brought tears to my moms eyes when she saw the sunset pictures, and all she could say was how perfect."


All the best with your research + plans, and wishing you the Perfect Wedding you envision!!! Cheers :)




team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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Hi Debs I got married at the royal in November 2012 and found Funever Photos were fantastic and a bargain for what we paid (we paid an additional £300 ish) and we got 84 pics some of which were bigger in a lovely album along with a video of the ceremony only which we were delighted with. I would definitely recommend them don't listen to the picky people! Your in paradise so any photographer will take amazing pictures : ) I will try to upload some of my pics xx

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