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Hi Everyone,


In a bit of a Catch22 over here and was hoping to get some insights/feedback regarding DW invitations.


On the one hand, sending invites out 12+ months in advance is deemed "too early", but on the other hand, we need to get RSVP's from everyone in the next few weeks since, for those whom RSVP, their deposit will be due this June. 


Is it tacky / odd to send a Response Card with the Save the Date?




Is it tacky / odd to send the Save the Date with the formal invite?


So confused on the best way to go about this!  Pls help!

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I sent out a request for an RSVP with my Save the Date. I send along a letter explaining that we wanted the count for planning purposes, but that their response wasn't set in stone and we would still request their official response when we sent the formal invitation. I think I posted my save the dates & letter on here, let me see if I can find the link.

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