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  1. Hi Ladies, Sorry to bother by re-posting this question again (of course the resort just never seems to reply) - does anyone have a copy of the 2014 wedding packages they can share that includes pricing? Specifically the Unforgettable and the Romance Extravaganza? Thanks so much!
  2. Also....does anyone else think it's highway robbery that they charge you a supplemental fee as part of the package if you have more than 30 ppl, AND THEN want to charge $1700 or $2500 to close out a private venue? Isn't that double-charging? What is the point of paying a supplemental fee if we're paying for a private venue? Don't both supplemental and private venue cost cover the same thing?? It's also crap that if you have more than 30-40 ppl then they basically force you to have a private venue...which means they're basically forcing you to pay $1700 or $2500. How does that make sense too? Getting super frustrated with this place. Not sure if anyone else is having the same headaches?
  3. Hi! Does anyone know the cost for the 2014 Unforgettable Package? And does anyone know if the $2500 for the Dolce includes open bar + DJ? Thanks in advance for getting back to me
  4. Hi Barb Wondering if you could pls post or email photos of the Dolce (Deanna1017@hotmail.com). Even tho it's indoors can you still see the water / sunset? Also, how small of a section is it inside for weddings? Do you think its at least big enough to seat 60 ppl? What about dancing afterward? Thanks in advance for any more insight you can share + photos!
  5. Hi! Do you know if the Dolce Vita cost is only if you dont go with one of their wedding packages? Or is above and beyond? I think it is BS if they try charging 2500$ for the Dolce on top of a 3000$ wedding package! ....
  6. Hi There We've reserved the Dolce Vita too! Wondering if you mind sharing how much they've quoted you. We are going with the 3000$ romance extravaganza package but they are trying to upcharge us another 2500$ for the Dolce Vita which I find to be ridiculous. Hoping you can share. Thanks!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple For those that don't have them here is the list of Appetizers, the Menu options, I have the tai flora brochure but is too large to attach, will send to whomever . Hi There, Can't seem to download your attachments. Can you pls upload a screen grab perhaps? List of Appetizers that comes with the Romance Extravaganza Package.doc Grupos y Bodas 2010.pdf
  8. Hi There, Wondering if you might have Romance Extravaganza on hand that you could pls upload or email? Cant seem to find my copy and Vinette is a pain to get a hold of. Need to see what is included again. We changed our venue from Pisces to Dolce Vita and they're now trying to tell me it's an extra $2500!!!! Isn't a private venue included in the Romance package along with DJ, drinks, drums, etc.?? Much appreciated!
  9. I'm actually not too keen on either of their wedding cakes so I'm having an off-site caterer bring a cake to the resort for about $200
  10. Has anyone been having any difficulty with the wedding planners at the resort regarding some of what they claim to offer in the package vs. what is actually being offered?! For instance, the newest Romance Extravaganza states "live music during the ceremony". When I spoke to Vivette about wanting a sax player she said that is HAS to be the steel band. Nowhere in writing does it say, 'steel band', so I dont know why all of a sudden I have to pay extra to have a sax player when the package simply states "live music". Soooo frustrating!! Anyone else having this problem????? Also, I really wanted to do something different with the menu vs. eating the same thing that my guests will be eating all week. So I wanted to bring in an Indian caterer (my favourite food!). The resort is not allowing me to bring in an Indian catered because "I'm not Indian"!!?!?!. I couldn't believe it. VERY prejudiced. She has never seen me nor my fiancee and doesnt know what kind of guests I'll be bringing. Where do they get off telling me that I'm not Indian so I can't have Indian food delivered?! I can, however, have a different cake from an outside bakery delivered. WTF?! Becoming very frustrated with them telling me what I can and can't do for my special day. (sorry, had to vent!)
  11. real touch flowers?!?! that sounds amazing!! i'm looking into that stat! thanks for the info! LOVE this site!!
  12. Get him on Facebook - that's what I did. He responds right away. OH - and for the 2014 brides, he has mentioned to me that he may be venturing off to run his own photography business next year in which case we would be charged the stupid $800 vendor fee to bring him to the resort. Fingers crossed he stays with the resort so we get him for free!!
  13. thanks for clarifying. makes me nervous to not know my flowers ahead of time and to wait until i get there to browse the catalogue but, i'll take your word for it. thanks!
  14. too funny! i wanted to stay away from standard nautical or beach colors interesting that you're bringing yours from home. are they real flowers? how will you keep them fresh? i'd like to do the same, just not sure how to go about it...
  15. sorry, just saw this reply. what floral # was that so i can reference it to Tai Floral as well
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