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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Raquelita0715 Wow!! Looks great! I will def be giving out the key card holder as that is a great idea. Thanks! It was great to have something small to put the key card and a few dollars for tips in when I was stopping at the bar for a few drinks and didn't need/want to bring a purse with me.
  2. I got the luggage tags at clearenvelopes.com: http://www.clearenvelopes.com/spec/vinyl/luggage-tags It doesn't look like I got the loops at the same time, and I don't have the order info of where I got them, but you can get them at the same time on this site for a very reasonable price.
  3. You need to have 150 posts before you can view attachments. Or you could pay a fee as a supporter and view them right away.
  4. There was a section on the Final Details sheet to enter the location, date, time, and # of people for the rehearsal dinner, so I just marked it there when I sent in the form. I was given the form about 10 months in advance (I was asking about plans that were all listed on that form, so I think the WC just figured it was easy to send the form for me to take a look at) so I sent it in then (with my best guess on numbers), and resent it with any updates about a month before my wedding. I loved the Japanese restaurant. It was a fun dinner for our group, and the food was good. The cook was very entertaining. I thought it was a good contrast to the more formal dinner that we were going to have the following night for the wedding. Our group was smaller, only 15 of us total, so we could all fit at one table. Here are some pictures.
  5. I did the rehearsal/welcome dinner. It is included at no additional cost, but they say that it will count towards one of your allocated a la carte dinners for the time you are there. We held ours the day before the ceremony. About half of our group participated in the ceremony walk through (the other half hung out at the bar during that time) then we all met for dinner at the Japanese restaurant. It was really fun! We had a smaller group of 15 people, so we were all able to sit at the same table. We also had the non-private dinner. A lot of our guests were older, so no one was going to be partying the night away. We had been spending our evenings in the lobby bar, so we all went back there and moved the tables & chairs together for our group. Then we just hung out and had some drinks. It was really nice and laid back, which is what I wanted. We were having an at-home reception where we would have a DJ and dancing, so I didn't feel like I missed out on anything that evening.
  6. I had my hair half up, half down with some beads worked in. My stylist used a lot of hairspray, and the curls and hold stayed the entire day and night.
  7. No, it wasn't private. We only had 15 people in our group. The restaurant wasn't very busy so we didn't even notice the other people.
  8. Hi CoEr! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I had a smaller, more casual group, and my reception at Uncle Tony's was perfect for us. The weather was amazing and it was nice to be "outside" to take advantage of the tropical environment. Below is a picture of our set up. If you rent out the restaurant, you can hang lanterns, etc as well. I know other brides have had a beach reception, so it's possible. I think the price was $45-55/person, but don't quote me on that.
  9. If you stay at the Grand, you have access to all three properties. If you stay at the Suites, you have access to the Suites and Beach (but not the Grand). If you stay at the Beach, you can't go to either of the other two resorts.
  10. When I booked, there were only two options, the legal option or the renewal of vows. We chose the legal option.
  11. Sure, you can have the cocktail party for 2 hours. If you take a look at my previous post, they charge per hour, so they will just double the price. We had a non-private dinner at Uncle Tony's (only 15 in our group) and while we didn't do speeches, my MOH did get up and thank everyone for coming. She didn't need a mic or anything. We cut the cake after dinner and the wait staff served it to everyone as dessert. We may have run a little over the 1.5 hour timeframe for dinner, but they didn't rush us out or anything. We were all pretty much done with everything by that time anyways and moved on to the lobby bar for drinks.
  12. There is a section of the final details sheet that asks what you would like to do for your Rehearsal Dinner. It stated there was no extra cost, but it would count against the allotted ala carte restaurants for your guests (I have heard they sometimes don't count that though). The form I had stated it was limited to 40 people, and groups over 25 people had to choose from a set menu. I got the form in 2012 for my April wedding, so they may have updated it since then.
  13. I did the hibachi welcome dinner for our whole group, but there were only 15 of us. You may be limited with the amount of space in the restaurant, but check with the WC to see if 70 people would fit. Our group had a good time
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