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My DIY Nautilus Shell Flower Girl Basket with pics

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This was such a simple and fun DIY and I love the look so much better than an actual basket. 



Nautilus Shell ( I bought mine on ebay for $20)


Hot Glue Gun

Flower Petals



This is pretty self explanatory- just glue the ribbon wherever you want it to hang from. I glued mine to the inside and didn't add too much frill with any other bows or ribbon, but you can make yours as simple or complex as you like. For me, I was keeping it simple for this project.


I will fill the shell with flower petals and have my niece drop them down the aisle (hopefully!) lol




 Happy Planning ladies! Let me know if you have any questions! :)


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You ladies inspired me to get creative!  Here is my neice's flower girl basket [ATTACHMENT=13469]226508_10152835461185413_911217390_n.jpg (17k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
I can't download it :/ I'd love to see it, can you just add it as a picture?

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