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Cruise Bride freaking, needs help from the pros... HELP!!!! :)

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I already posted this over in the cruise section but figured this is a better place 2 post it since this is the wedding attire section! :) Hey Brides, I'm getting married on a cruise, on embarkation day (the day the ship sets sail) n I can't help but feel that I shouldn't be getting a big ole gown. Bc #1 it's both of our second marriage n #2 I won't be in it very long bc the ceremony n reception will be over by 3pm n I think its silly 2 spend all that money for only several hrs. Are any of u cruise brides that can help me out or know someone who has gotten married on a cruise n knows the deal? Pllllleeeeaase! I don't want the party 2 end at 3pm when my non sailing guest have 2 leave. What is everyone else doing? Will u have dinner n cocktails later in the evening? R u wearing a big, beautiful wedding gown? What made u decide on long or short? Thanks~ Kara

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