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Turks & Caicos -- summer 2014! Lots of questions from NYC!

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Hi everyone!

I just recently got engaged, and my fiance and I are thinking TCI for possible destination wedding location.


We are thinking something around 80-100 guests though...which seems like a "large" party for the island?


For those who may know TCI well from having planned wedding out there, or possibly a local resident....


What are some of the locations that can accommodate a party of our size? 

For ceremony, we're open to the beach, but drawn more to a sort of lawn-like setting overlooking the beach or even boardwalk type flooring if possible.

For reception, somewhere that may be outside with an option to tent in case of bad weather (maybe like a patio setting)?

DEFINITELY room for some dancing!!!


Initially we were looking at The Somerset b/c the package was doable budget wise & location options looked nicest but we're really concerned about the minimum room blocks!!! 

We really don't expect our guest who are flying into attend our wedding to pay $600+/night (room for two), at 3 night minimum! No offense, but with this rate you can get some nice rooms at the super star hotels like The Plaza, The Mandarin Oriental, Waldorf Astoria in NYC!!!

It just feels really inconsiderate to expect our guests to pay so much for lodging to attend our wedding. Even with a group rate, I can't imagine the number will drop that significantly...


Any thoughts would be so helpful to hear!!


Thank you!!!

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