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For as long as you both shall live/richer or poorer??? OOT Bag help

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Hello Everyone and congrats on your upcoming weddings. My husband and I are thinking of doing our vow renewal at The Majestic Colonial All Inclusive Punta Cana July 2014. We were going to do it on a cruise at first and I had everything planned out but then it was thought that some may not have a whole week to commit to the event so we switched it up and now I have to do it all again, ugh!


So I am thinking of our ott bags. Alot of what I planned for the cruise still applies. I am doing a bag with small bags inside with wedding phrases ( not a new idea, but I love it so I am sticking with it )I am having trouble with 2 phrases

So Far I have:


In Good Times and bad


-tide to go

-sewing kit

-room spray



In sickness and in health

-mini meds kit (tylenol, pepto)




-mini first aid kit


For richer or poorer

For the cruise I had a keycard lanyard-no longer applies cruise key cards are tied to your on board account.


For as long as we both shall live

For cruise I had an outlet slpitter and batteries for the clock I had in good times and bad- no longer applies



Any help would be appreciated. It is an all inclusive resort and I want to stay away from spa certs or anything like that. I might be able to drop richer or poorer but, as long as you both shall live is important as we are renewing our vows for our 20th anniversary.

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