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  1. Hi Cherri! Yeay another Beantown Bride I chose the MC because of a couple of reasons but the main reasons were 1) I love the gazeebo and to have 2 to choose from is even better ( beach and Garden) and 2) My Brother and sister in law got married at Excellence in Mexico and I Loved the swim up rooms. Majestic is the only hotel in DR that has them. And 3) I did not want that big hotel feel so I looked into places thast had 5 floors or less and this was the best one. Pm me your e-mail for the pricing attachments , I have pmed you the link for the pics.
  2. I have not been to either one so I cannot weigh in BUT, I am doing mine At Majestic Colonial and thier Pricing info is the same for Majestic Colonial and Elegance. I have that and a link to some pics for both locations, flowers, cakes ect. PM me your e-mail and I will forward them to you
  3. If you are marrying in November, you should have enough time to get the documentation. I have the wedding prices breakdown for 2013 and a link to pics for flowers, cakes, venues ect, If you would like me to forward, pm me your address.
  4. Hi Ladies!!!! I just got the 2013 price guide with a link to the pics. I don't know if you all got it as well but if not, I can forward.
  5. Loving this thread. You all have such great ideas. We went to my BIL's destination wedding and the one complaint I heard is no one knew where to go or what was next. There was just the invite that was sent out and nothing else, no welcome letter, no website. I am doing both for this reason. Even though mine is a vow renewal and not a first wedding, it will have that first wedding feel and everyone will know where to go and what options are available to them. Your guests will all be much happier with all the info you are giving them.
  6. Looking at my budget, I would rather spend more on Photos so I am looking for places to cut some corners and would love some input. One way I have found is to use Party gift bags instead of drawstring back packs. I will be making about 30 of them so the difference comes to between $120 -$180. I know in the scheme of a budget this does not sound like much but that on top of doing my own hair and make up and some other things will add up. Thoughts please? Party bags with Labels on them of the picture we were going to use on the back packs or Drawstring back packs screen printed The stuff we are
  7. These are great aren't they? I love that they can be worn anyway they want for the ceremony but still be similar and truly can be worn again and again.
  8. I have been going about adding everything up and was confused about some of the pricing details. We are doing the same ( semi private dinner and reception) cab you tell me what you included in your reception? any add ons like lights dance floor ect? The private recp option comes with a sound system, yet it is added into each of the options, I am so lost.
  9. It is beautiful. You should see of the resort will steam it for you before the big day. Majestic Colonial does as part of the wedding package.
  10. I saw this on another site and thought I would share it here too. I love it and will be doing it. When you do your message in a bottle invites, put a drop of cocnut liquid popouri( I don't know how to spell it) on the cork. It gives the smell of the tropics when they open the bottle to take out the invite. Simple, easy, cheap and a nice touch.
  11. I know I will have at least 20 people. I hope I get the same deal! Im not going til 2014 and am hoping they still have the free golf per room with 5 nights stay. That is the activity my husband chose for the guys that are coming to our vow renewal. LOVE FREEBEES!!!
  12. I am doing DR in July and this was very helpful!!!! Thank you for posting! Just waiting on the 1 year mark.
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