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I need some help with RSVP details. What information did you put in your RSVP?


I have a draft one as this for my RSVP Postcards:


Kindly reply by
31st JANUARY, 2014

Name(s): _____________________
No. of guest(s)_________________

  • Wouldnâ€t miss it for the world.
    • Wedding date (19th July 2014 )
    • Welcome party (18th July 2014)
  • Weâ€ll celebrate from afar.

Promise to dance if you play
Please advise of any special or dietary requirements.



Our wedding planner also suggests it is good to have the following information from the guests as well:

- Date and time of arrival/ date and time of departure

- Hotel that they will stay

- Special needs if any


How do you collect these information from the guests? Should I put in another line similar to this (I copied this from Mischaka's Passport Invitation oops.gif - hope she wont mind)


Departing Flight 

#____ Time_____


Returning Flight

#____Time _____

Tentative Hotel




I am thinking instead of putting into the invitation, I may send a personal email to each guests RSVP as a thank you note and also asking them for those details instead? 



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